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Jaxson’s Birthday

Jaxson’s Birthday was on May 29th-he turned 5.  His big gift was a digital camera that Chuck and Dianne got him, hence the images up above.  We went to Chuck and Dianne’s for Friday night through Sunday and it was great!  Jaxson and Brenden had a great time and Karen and I got time to relax and rest.  We all came back refreshed from the weekend only to have a birthday party of about 24 family members on Sunday.  It was fun having everyone over.  Brenden and Jaxson had a great time.  At the end of the evening Jill and the 3 nephews were all still over so I got a lot of uncle time in with Zane and Trae.  It truely was a blessed weekend.

Work has been tougher.  First and foremost, I am thankful I still have a job.  We have had more permanent layoffs, some temporary layoffs, job title/position changes, wage reductions, benefit reductions etc…-yeah I know sounds like every company right now.  I volunteered to take 4-5 weeks off this Summer to help.  I may have a surgery sometime in July or maybe it won’t happen-either way I thought it was mutually beneficial to both Pictura and myself.  I will get more time with the family and may actually get to travel a little bit too.  The good news is that I have a position is waiting for me when I get back.  Again I feel very blessed.

Team Baty Sisu-so tonight was our banquet for the event we had back in April.  I can proudly say that our team was recognized and won 5 awards.  We won:  Best Team Identifier, First New Team to 25 members, First New Team to $500, First Overall Team to $1,000 and one of the teams that had 50 or more members-they credited us for 59 members but I know we had some late additions so we probably crossed over 60.  Sarah and I went up front to accept the awards, but other team members:  Pete, Nathan and Dan were there with us.  Overall the event had 4,200 people participate, there were 100 teams and the event itself raised $110,000.  The banquest itself was only 100 people.   It was invite only and your team had to meet certain criteria, or be up for awards to be eligible to go.  Team captain, Sarah, was awesome!  There was no way I could have done half the stuff that she did-she even got us one of Lance Armstrong’s busses!  Sarah and I left feeling challenged to do an even better job next year.  We will need all of your help again and even more.  We definitely want over 100 team members next year!  Thank you so much for all who participated, sent donations or were with us there in spirit.

Tomorrow kicks off round 15.  It looks like one way or the other I am heading for a bit of a chemo break after this one.  I have scans on June 17th(MRI and PET), review with Dr. Duane on the 19th.  I then have a meeting again with the Surgeon on the 25th.  If the cancer is growing then I would guess we will possibly try yet another chemical mix, but that may not happen until either the 3rd or 4th week after this last round.  Overall I am feeling pretty good.  I have felt the best I have since at least Jan.  I have more strength and stamina.  It feels like quite the bounce back compared to how I was feeling the first few days of my last round of chemo.  I am hoping and praying that this round won’t beat me up as much.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and well wishes!

In His Grasp,




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