Reunion Weekend

So the photos up above are not exactly what you would expect from a family reunion and that is because they are not.  Of course the x-ray photo is of Brenden and his nickel(or should I say my nickel).  It still has not come out yet.  This x-ray is from 2 weeks ago.  The doctor gave it to us as they had already scanned it into their system.  He went to the doctor on Friday and the doctor said not to worry about it.  They did not take any new x-rays.  The doctor said in all his years of practice he has never seen anything nickel size or smaller not come out.  The doctor also said that we may have missed it and that most parents actually do miss it.  So Brenden still talks about it, but it doesn’t hurt him so we are not worried.

The other two pictures are of course Brenden and Jaxson and what they were up to over reunion weekend.  My brother Dave and I went to our family reunion without the wives and kids.  We just went up to Eveleth for Friday night and came back Sat. night.  Dave and I actually got to have longer conversations with our relatives and got to talk to more of them since all the kids weren’t with.  Auntie Val had to bail us out as we didn’t even bring pictures of our families, but she did.  We had a great time visiting and even made it out to play some golf at an old golf course Grandpa Baty used to bring us to.  Grandpa Baty passed away almost 20 years ago.  He was the grandfather who had colon cancer and survived it-although we are still not sure what stage his cancer was.  That was one of my regrets from this weekend, not asking anyone if they knew more about his battle with this disease.  Overall it was fun and I got to visit with some of my cousins more than I have in 10+ years.  Dave and I had a lot of one on one time too, which was awesome.

Summer Vacation/Layoff/Surgery and Recovery time starts soon.  I will work tomorrow and then be off of work until Aug. 17th-at least that is plan now.  A lot of that will depend on the surgery and how I am feeling.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  It was great to see all of the Baty Family Reunioner’s this weekend.  A little over a week and it is surgery time.



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  1. Theresa Connelly

    Hi Chris,

    It’s nice to visit this site, keep updated and see your smiling face again! Glad to hear you had a nice reunion and quality time with family recently. I hope and pray your vacation, surgery and recovery time goes well. And that Brenden gets the nickel out soon. Yikes!

    Healthy wishes always, Theresa

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