First Day Out of the Gate

Hello to everyone!   I thought I’d give everyone a quick update.  I took the boys to see Chris this morning.  He was doing pretty good.  They let him start drinking water this morning-he was very happy about that.  He also took a long walk this morning, so he’s up and moving–slowly.  Chris said his pain level is sitting at about a 4 or 5, which is pretty good considering the surgery was just yesterday.  He’s been snoozing on and off, but as usual can’t seem to really get some sound sleep.  His goal is to get out of the hospital by Monday afternoon.  Dr. S had said a typical stay is 4 – 6 days.  The boys were happy to see dad as he was excited to see them.  Jaxson had told me at bedtime last night that he wanted Chris to come home-NOW!  But they had a wonderful day hanging out with grandpa yesterday.  They made airplanes and went outside and played swing kickball(new game we invented).  Jaxson was just tired and that’s when he misses dad. 

That’s about all for now.  Another big thank you to everyone for the prayers!  Also, thanks dad for chasing after the monkeys all day!  One more thank you to the family members who hung out at the hospital–long day!




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  1. Taisa Diedrich

    Oh Chris, I am crying so hard right now….you have no idea how happy I am that they were able to do the surgery! I am remembering the day when my Mom went in for the same surgery and having the doc come out after 2 hours….we knew that was not a good sign. I am SO thankful your family did not have to go through that again. Like my Mom said the other day, it’s good to hear the success stories. Thank GOD! I wish you & your family much prayer, comfort and healing right now. You have so much to live for! Stay strong & I will definitely be praying for you and your family.


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