Sleeping Beauty

Hello!  Karen doing a quick post tonight.  Chris is hanging in there.  He’s been very tired.  It seems to be a common theme that when someone visits him he’s either sleeping when they get there, or falling asleep after they’ve been there about 30 minutes.   I don’t think he realizes how much he’s sleeping as he tells me he only sleeps for a couple hours at a time with a few hours in between naps.  The doctors took him in for some scans today as he’s had some yellow goo seeping from his incision and he vomited a couple of times today.  They didn’t seem to find anything.   He has really bad heartburn and that is making it dificult for him to eat.  That’s about it on my sleeping beauty.  Just a side note, Brenden lost his 3 rd tooth today and he’s very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy tonight.  It came out during dinner tonight and the first thing he wanted to do was to call Chris and let him know about it. 

Well, that’s all I got!  I need to go find some cash!




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  1. Charlie Wifler

    Hey Chris,
    Hoping this finds you feeling better and better. You continue to be an inspiration to Vicki and I and many others. You are constantly in our prayers. Get rested, get well, and get some serious liver growing going. Karen and the boys are in our prayers also. God Bless,

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