Back to work

Vikings Favre Football

Well I beat him back to work, but only by a day.  That other good looking Libra who was born in the 60’s decided to make it official and get back to work today.   I went back to work yesterday and worked a full 8 hours.  Not sure if Favre put in that many hours working on his first day back.  Pictura was nice enough to welcome me back with open arms and I survived day one and today(day 2).  I have been feeling better but am still a little sore.  I would guess by the end of this week I should be feeling pretty good.  I meet with Dr. Sielaff on Thursday.  He mainly wants to check on how I am healing but may lay out the plan for our next couple of steps.

One other fun note:  Karen’s sister, Sarah, and her boyfriend Pete are going to get married-and SOON.  They are hoping to tie the knot somewhere around my procedures in Sept.  Not sure how they will get it done but it was nice of them to think of me and try and make sure I will be in attendance.

Short post today-got to get some sleep and start dreaming of that Superbowl.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers-for not only myself but Karen and the boys as well.


p.s. To all you old employees at Proex and elsewhere-I remember you all! (Mattingly, Ybarra, Hursh, Larson, Neal, Bolin, etc…-the list goes on and on)



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2 responses to “Back to work

  1. Bill Hursh

    Chris, Nice that your back to work. I’m sure you will last longer at your job than Farve does quarterbacking the purple. I say “GO BEAVERS”. Thoughts are with you. Bill

  2. Michele Balvin

    Hi Chris. Back to work already!? Wow, glad to see you are doing well enough to get back at it. Best wishes, Michele

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