Very Brief Post

My schedule got changed.  I was supposed to have my scan and appointment with Dr. Sielaff tomorrow morning.  However, Dr. Sielaff has to perform a surgery so I got moved back 1 week.  So I now have my scan and visit with Dr. Sielaff on Sept. 10th.  At that time he will look to see how everything has grown in and will get a view of just what he will be cutting the following week.  I am 90% sure they will go forward with the surgery on Sept. 16th.  They have not mentioned anything about pulling out of that.  I have a Pre-Op physical on Sept. 11th before we go to the Garden Walk.  I had a blood draw and appointment with Dr. Duane today.  He said I looked to be healing well.  My blood work wasn’t back to the normal ranges yet.  Though, he said it is what he expected given the surgery and recovery.

Overall I am feeling pretty good and continuing to heal nicely.

My prayers go out to:  Taisa and her family, Vicki with her surgery and Lindsay and Jeremy with their son Evan’s scan tomorrow.

Love and Prayers,



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  1. Suzy

    Chris it was so nice to see you the other day. You not only sounded good on the phone you looked good. I like how your hair had grown back-it’s VERY soft. I will continue to pray for you and will mark my calander. Stay strong and please say hi to the family. Good luck to the boyz on their first day of school.

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