Stay tuned

So I got the CT scan done today-they were 70 minutes behind schedule.  Almost immediately after the scan my Dad and I reviewed the results with Dr. Sielaff.  The new part of the liver has grown in well and is healthy.  The bad news is that the tumor that was in the bad location actually grew and grew closer to the veins/bile ducts-making it impossible to cut out.  He proceeded to pull up the scan and show us where it had grown.  Due to the growth, he felt it best not to do any surgery and for me to go back on chemo. right away.  He said he had already called Dr. Duane(my Oncologist) and had left him a message.  This is not how the story ends so bear with me. The 2nd tumor hadn’t grown at all.  Also there was a small abnormality that had shown up, but he was unsure if it was cancerous.  We all agreed that we were disappointed by the results.  I then asked if he could show me where my benign(good) tumor was, as I recalled it was next to the tumor that it was in the bad spot.  He looked at the scan again and tried to figure it out.  He actually started to realize he might have spoken too soon.  Both he and my Dad had forgotten about that tumor.  He started to guess/hypothesize that the good tumor was actually the piece that may have grown and that the bad tumor was actually in a location he could “melon ball” it out.  He actually seemed to get a little embarrassed as said he was glad that I felt comfortable enough to say, “Hey dummy aren’t you forgetting about something.”-which I would never say, as he is great.   The more he looked at it, the more he started to get convinced that the surgery may be back on.  The only way to truly determine, though, was to do an MRI right away.  The MRI couldn’t happen till later in the day, so I spent almost the whole day at Abbott.  Dr. Sielaff said he would call me tomorrow after sitting down with a Radiologist and let me know the results.  If the surgery happens it sounds like a lot less will be cut out.  I am guessing 15-20% vs. the 70% of the liver I had taken out last time.  He did say that he may have to cut into a new area of my abdomen.  I didn’t think I had any more untouched abdomen left….

Brenden and Jaxson are in school-sort of . Brenden came down with a severe case of Pink Eye so he already is going to have to miss 2 days.  So far the rest of us have avoided that, but I am not holding my breath.

Thanks for all your prayers.  Just a reminder the Hope Garden Walk to fight cancer is tomorrow-see my earlier post.  I will get a message posted tomorrow letting you know if it is chemo or surgery for me next week.




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2 responses to “Stay tuned

  1. PAT

    You are an amazing individual!!! everyone needs a Chris with them through any journey!! I hope you got paid for your excellent medical advice! Chris we are always here and as usual love and prayers are with you
    HOPE is the companion of power,and the mother of success,for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles. It was such a miracle that you have such a keen mind and are using it to help in your own care! a pure miracle! God Bless

  2. Dawn H

    Way to be your own patient advocate! God helps those that help themselves. Stay strong. I know you can do it.

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