the unknown

Just a quick post.   The doctors could see the tumors well enough on the MRI, so currently we are trying to get a PET scan set up for early next week to see if  surgery or chemo would be the best route.  That’s realy all we know for now.   We will post when we find out more.  Thanks for the prayers!




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4 responses to “the unknown

  1. Aunt Val & Eli

    Thank you for keeping us informed. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

    We Love You!!

  2. Kent and Joy

    We are so proud of you! I look forward to meeting all the wonderful support team behind you! God created a very special person in you! I knew that 30 years ago, but it is so evident today in this battle! We will continue to pray with you! We look forward to the complete work Christ has in you. Years ago Chris you captured my heart and God keeps it right there. Keep civing it all to Jesus, “When we are weak, then He is strong!” God Bless, Kent

  3. PAT

    God bless Kent for his great words! that is the sentiments of all of us out here! Our prayers and love are always out there for you! I hope you see every day Chris, how you have touched everyone’s life! And the journey goes on with all of us pray warriors on the road with you!

  4. Tim Holker

    I hadn’t checked your blog for awhile & was sorry to read the 1st part of the 9/10 entry. But then it got much better. Here’s hoping that the next test proves the 2nd look to be the correct one! Thinking of & praying for you!

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