41st Birthday

DSCN1224I had a great birthday, just hanging out with the family yesterday.  Thank you for all the well wishes-including the obligatory “older” jokes I received.  I got a cool phone call from my grandmother’s sister-those Finish roots run deep.  Since Grandma Koskela passed away last Dec., Great Aunt Helmi decided to pick up the torch and call and wish me happy birthday(which my grandmother did every year).  We went to church and then spent some time in the prayer chapel.  Some of the prayer ministers were nice enough to suggest getting together since I missed the last Pray for the Cure meeting.  Some of the passages that they quoted where:  Isaiah 61:7 and 3 John verse 2.  As one of the prayer ministers felt and then said, “It is done.”-meaning I have been healed.   Incidentally the next Pray for the Cure meeting is Monday Oct. 19th at 7 p.m. at Hosanna.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

Play Date

Play Date

Saturday was a play date for the guys.  Karen was working so it was just Brenden, Jaxson, Andrew and I for about 8 hours.  Andrew is someone from Brenden and Jaxson’s school and daycare.  They all had a great time and lucky for me, injuries were minimal.

I have been trying to stay busy on my off chemo weeks, since I am not working right now.  Last week my Dad and I and headed back to Backus to checking out the hunting land and visit with Keith and the Glassman’s.  I spent a couple days helping our Sunday School dept. at church. I spent part of another day visiting with Jill and Zane in the emergency room.  My nephew fell off of a bed and hit a table and got 9 stitches out of it.  He recovered nicely and is doing well.  For some reason he and I really connect and now he is even trying to look like me.  But I think I still got him by about 60+ stitches.

Tomorrow is round 2 of this regiment.  I am feeling great right now.  I bounced back nicely and almost feel as good as did before the last one.  I have been running around playing soccer with the guys and even ran a little with the dog today-so life is good.  Next time you see me, I will probably have a lot less hair-chemo starts to really work its magic on the hair this round.  I should really be a hair model for beginning hair stylists.  Think if they screw up it wouldn’t matter, eventually all their mistakes would just fall out.  I will post again once I get through this next round.  Hopefully both the Twins and Vikes keep up their winning ways.  It just gives me that much more to watch as I am laying around.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, cards and well wishes.  Karen, I and the boys really need it and appreciate it!


p.s.  The following picture is of 3 guys who’s wives actually commented on the blog last week.  Karen was wondering where these 3 had gone.  The quality is rather poor to protect the not so innocent, but their wives I’m sure will recognize these handsome devils.

Missing in Action?

Missing in Action?



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6 responses to “41st Birthday

  1. Todd Welch

    Who are those three handsome devils? Lock up your daughters! They look exactly the same 15 years later!

    Keep posting the pics Chris. Happy belated Birthday, buddy. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Dave Stephani

    Public Shaming… works everytime…

    You know… I have pictures too…


    Maybe I don’t… (perhaps my good friends U.S. Grant & B. Franklin could persuade me to ‘misplace’ them)…

    Happy Birthday Man…

  3. Diana and Randy Miller

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday – I believe I remember your 2nd birthday –

    We are also wishing you strength for the next rounds of chemo and of course stay strong – we pray for you daily.

  4. Cheryl Stainer

    Just thought you would want to know! My dad, Uncle Bill Stratton, went in on Wednesday for a colonoscopy. Today he went in for immediate surgery to remove a mass that they found, during the colonoscopy. At this point they are not sure if it is cancerous.

    Great-Grandma Stratton does know, she has been talking with Chuck, but obviously very concerned.

    He came out of surgery a couple of hours ago. There was minimal blood loss, and they felt that if the mass is cancerous, that they got it all and that it has not spread, that the prognosis is very good, at this point.

    I just thought that you all would want to hear about this a little closer to the source than through the family grapevine.

    Besides, as I read more of your postings, I feel our families moving closer each day. Isn’t it amazing what Christ can do!

    Praying that all goes well with the chemotherapy. You are never far from our thoughts and prayers.

    Have an awesome day,

    Cheryl Stainer

  5. Cindy Beaver

    Thanks again for taking Andrew for the WHOLEe day! What a treat for us but even moreso for him. Its hard to be an only child…

    Let’s find a day soon where we can return the favor – so that you and Karen can rest & relax by yourselves for a short time.

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