Things are falling

Today it was a contest of which could fall quicker, snowflakes or my hair follicles.  Today the snow won, but not by much.  I am guessing I will be completely bald within a week or so.   As I type this I can’t seem to keep all the hair off of my keyboard.  All in all I survived my last round pretty well.  Day 1 was not good, Day 2 was better, Day 3 was worse and Day 4 I started to feel a little better.  My latest thought is it takes me about 80 hours to get out of the really yucky stuff.  Even while I am in the “yucky” stuff, I still manage to do a few things.  Last week I went to Brenden’s soccer game in the cold and dark and was rewarded by getting to see him score his first goal of the year.  I was a little too proud and I stormed the field to give him a high five.  He didn’t seem to mind too much as it was already after dark and I think there were about 10-12 people left watching due to the cold.  My blood work continues to look pretty good, so chemo is no problem.  My liver numbers are actually in the normal range just like everyone else who is not on chemo or had 70% of their liver removed.  I think that is a mini-miracle in and of itself.   Th plan is 2 more treatments and then a scan on Nov. 16th.

On the health front, not including me, Karen and the boys all seemed to get colds.  Karen and Brenden got it the worst, with both of them having light fevers.  Karen is up coughing part of the nights, so she is struggling to get all her rest.  Jaxson just seemed to get a mild cough-at least so far.  Brenden is already on the upswing.  I am holding my own with no signs of any of it so far…

Right now I am just enjoying my time off from work and trying to get my rest.  It felt pretty good to not have to go outside in the snow this morning.  Next Monday night is Pray for the Cure(7 p.m.-9 p.m.) if anyone is in the area and wants to attend at Hosanna Lutheran Church.  On Sunday’s you will no longer find me in the regular sermons as I decided to take on a Sunday school class of Kindergartners and 1st Graders-so far, so good.

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and gifts-we really appreciate them!




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2 responses to “Things are falling

  1. Randy Lish (with no help from Kelli this time)

    It is amazing to me that your liver numbers have done as well as they have–it shows that your body is not being overly taxed by the chemo while it does it’s work on the tumors. It also shows your steely resolve (true South Lake Irving grit, with a little extra from the Wee Gwaus sisu) and healing capacity are winning this battle. Keep it up brother, and oh yah, Happy Birthday.

  2. Gina (Johnson) Meixner, Savage, MN

    Hi Chris! Sorry to hear everyone is under the weather- hoping I can join you for Pray 4 a Cure Monday night and finally meet the whole family. Can I bring dinner over this week? I found your address but no phone number. Are the boys getting excited for Halloween? Mine are driving me nuts!

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