Who’s tougher than you – nobody!‏

A friend of mine sent me that title/note a couple weeks ago.  When one of their young sons gets hurt they ask the question, “Who’s tougher than you?” and their sons respond, “Nobody!”  I have to tell you-I didn’t feel so tough this week.  I jumped right back into work and it physically beat me down for a few days.  I am feeling a lot better now.   The first 3 days I would work, come home, then head straight for bed.  I would generally rally for a couple hours during each evening but overall I was destroyed.  I should have worked just 8 hours and then headed home, but instead I worked 9-9.5(Dumb, dumb, dumb).  The other problem was lack of sleep.   I was getting about 6.5 hours sleep each night.  The chemo tends to mess with your sleep, so I wasn’t getting near the rest I needed.  Work was a bit stressful, but my fellow employees and clients were great!  I truly enjoy working and the work  I do, so on some levels it was therapeutic to be back.   Oh yeah-I have officially bounced back today and feel great.

A friend of mine passed away yesterday so that made the week that much tougher.  Sharon Shovan died yesterday evening at 6 p.m.  Sharon is my brother’s mother-in-law(Jill’s mom).  Sharon was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma last year around this time.  The lung cancer  never actually showed up in her lungs but rather in her colon andliver.  She had been having lots of stomach pains for a long time.  The doctors thought it was an ulcer or diet related.  When they finally correctly diagnosed things, they gave her dire news.  The tumor in the colon was big and the liver was “infused” with disease.  They removed the colon tumor and started her on chemo therapy.  The doctor said that she would live up to 2 years.  She was in constant pain this past year as her liver continued to swell with disease.  The chemo initially worked and her liver shrank a little bit, but then it quickly went the other way.  They finally stopped giving her chemo just under 5 weeks ago and sent her home.  Dave, Jill, Caden, Zane and Trae drove or flew to Chicago several times over the past 2 months to spend time with her. She had hoped to make it to Christmas and then my nephew, Trae’s, 1st birthday in January.  I believe she was 58 years old.  The news took a toll on Karen and I.  Please pray for my brother Dave, Jill, Jill’s  Sister and Dad as they move forward this weekend.

I literally stumbled on to this song(below) for the first time yesterday.  It seemed to really hit home with me when I think about Sharon’s struggle and passing.





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2 responses to “Who’s tougher than you – nobody!‏

  1. Randy

    Nobody is tougher than you, this is true muchacho! Thinking and praying for Dave & Jill & their family too.

  2. Lo

    Hi, Chris! I’ll be thinking about you as you go into yet another round of chemo. Open your “mind’s eye” and you’ll see me smiling back at you:)

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