Sarah and Pete’s Wedding

Sarah and Pete got married last night.  Everything went very well, especially considering it all got planned in 6 weeks time!  They have such great friends and family, that came from everywhere to take part and help-it was awesome.  The ceremony may have been the shortest ceremony I have ever seen.  I tried to slow it up with my scripture reading, but to no avail.  Here was my reading:

The Gift

  • Greetings:     “It’s an honor to be here tonight and to be able to be a part of  Sarah and Pete’s wedding ceremony.  Life is good.
  • Back story:    “4 Weeks ago I laid in bed thinking about this night. And I

couldn’t figure out which scripture to read.  As Ilay there thinking about it,

one verse kept coming to meover and over again.  Initially it didn’t make any sense,

but  it was in my head for a reason, so I thought I should read it to you.”

  • John 3:16
  • “Not your typical verse you would hear at a wedding ceremony.  But within the verse I think there are some great examples of what a married relationship should be based on. Let me read it to you again and see what you think.”

For God loved the world so much=                           All encompassing Love

That he gave his one and only Son=                          +Sacrifice

So that everyone who believes in Him=                  +Faith

Will not perish but have eternal Life=                       A Wedding Gift all wrapped up in the Gift of eternal life.


It was a great night and somehow I managed to feel pretty good and make it through.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Here are a few snapshots from the big night:



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3 responses to “Sarah and Pete’s Wedding

  1. Jill Baty

    I think that was a great verse to share, it is such a universal verse full of important truths that everyone should be reminded of often. I was seriously considering sharing John 3:16 at my mom’s funeral. Glad it went well!

  2. Lisa Coleman

    Thanks for sharing the pics. your boys look so cute all dressed up.

    we are always thinking of you. Who’s tougher than you?

  3. Cheryl Stainer

    There is no better gift, especially for a wedding, than eternal life. Not to mention that Christ is our bridge-groom and the best example. Thanks for sharing that. I am so glad the message was shared at Sarah’s wedding. Wish I could have been there in person.

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