Deer Camp

I took my annual trip to Deer Camp this past weekend.  I’m not sure what you picture when you hear the words “Deer Camp”, but I am guessing it is nothing like what ours actually is.  Going to Deer Camp is more like coming home for Thanksgiving.  Deer Camp is located in Backus-which is located about 50 miles northwest of Brainerd.  From 1970 through 1976 we actually lived in Backus.  That is where my Dad got his first teaching job.  Larry was a fellow teacher with my Dad.  We actually stay at Larry and Carol Glassmann’s house.  We hunt on Larry and Carol’s property, which has an assortment of fields, swamps and woods.  We usually get enough deer so that everyone who wants venison gets some.  To tell you the truth, I go as much for the visiting and nature as I do to get a deer.  The hunting party has changed a bit over the years, but usually there is around 10 of us that go.  My Dad, Dave and our brother-in-law Charlie hunt.  Larry hunts with us as does Keith(from Backus), Bill(from Ohio) Jerry(Bill’s brother) and Chuck(Bill’s father-in-law, from Florida).  Carol tries to keep us in line and all fed.  By the end of season I think Carol has had enough of us for another year.  This year was a quieter year than usual for deer.  I think as a group we got only 3.  I did see a couple deer, both were pretty small.  Other than that I saw lots of blue jays and squirrels-like I said a quiet year.  Through all of life’s changes and challenges, we still make it “home” every year at hunting season.

Tomorrow is the scan and the results.  I have my scan around 8:30 a.m. and then we will review the results with Dr. Sielaff around 10 a.m.  The results could run the gamut from no change, to no disease seen or somewhere in between.  Dr. Sielaff’s goal was to have the 1 large tumor reduced 50%.  If it was reduced that much then he would be o.k with doing another liver surgery in Dec.  If it is reduced but not to that extent, he will probably recommend more chemo.  If there is no disease seen, Dr. Sielaff would probably fall off his chair-not sure what they will recommend at that point.  I am guessing then my oncologist, Dr. Duane, would still recommend more chemo to continually clean my body.  Not sure how I feel about that…  Anyway, tomorrow is a big day.  All prayers welcome, needed and  appreciated.  Also, tomorrow night is Pray for the Cure at 7 p.m.

Karen and the boys are going o.k.  Jaxson is dealing with a double ear infection and Karen was diagnosed with bronchitis last week.  While I was away hunting Karen’s parents came over and helped with some painting as did my mom.  Since Karen and I were having a tough time agreeing on a color, she figured it would be a good time to get some painting done while I was out of town.  Not a bad plan.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I will try to find some time tomorrow to do a quick update and let you know the results.

Good night,




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2 responses to “Deer Camp

  1. Gina (Johnson) Meixner, Savage, MN

    Thanks for the hunting update- it took me back as it is always my favorite time of the year- even though I’m not a hunter, I loved the company and stories of those that stayed with us up north. I of course have been praying for your scan tomorrow and look forward to seeing you tomorrow nite.
    HUGS to all, Gina

  2. Suzy and Marissa Welch


    I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers for good news. I enjoy reading your blogs most of the time. You have quite the way with describing things and to give one a good visual. I hope the news you hear today will make your journey you’ve been on a better one.

    God bless!

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