Thank you. Please can I have another?

I survived round 20-or #5 in this regiment.  I met with my Oncologist on Wed. before treatment.  He was out of town during my scan so I relayed the results to him.  We decided to add another round of chemo to help ensure the tumors are small enough for surgery, once we get the next scan.  In reviewing again the results…the smaller tumor shrunk 30% after 4 rounds.  The larger tumor shrank about 20-25% after 4 rounds.  The goal is to get the larger tumor shrunk about 50% so that the surgery can be done safely and more easily.  Really those are very good numbers considering last Spring when after 4 rounds, none of the tumors shrank.  One other interesting thing.  You remember the whole bad tumor/good tumor debate this past Sept?  The bad tumor has once again shrank and separated from the good tumor.  Very weird…but still a good sign.  Unfortunately, that good tumor is on the opposite side of the bile ducts so it doesn’t get me any closer to surgery.  So now my last scheduled round of chemo will be Jan. 13th, if all my blood counts keep holding.  4 more rounds.  It looks like I will have good weeks over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The tough weeks will be over Brenden’s 7th birthday and New Years.  But hopefully once I get through that last round and my scan results say we can move forward, I will be on a nice break during Super Bowl week.  Maybe a trip to Miami might be in my future…

Karen and the boys continue to fight through their colds and ear infections-they all seem to be on the upswing for now.

Thank you for all your prayers-both for me and the rest of the family.  Your steadfast faithfulness keeps me us up right and moving forward.

God Bless,




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  1. Judy Emery

    Chris & family –
    That is ALL good news.
    I’m thankful for it!

    I’m grateful you get a break from this, over the Holidays, Chris.

    Know that I continue to pray for you all.

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