I’m doing fine

I made it through the last round of chemo.  The first 4 days, as usual, weren’t great and I was pretty wiped out.  When Sunday came I bounced back, although, I was still moving a bit slower.  Monday I was back to work and finished the week working about 45 hours.  I felt extra blessed this past round of chemo.  Sarah and Pete came down and entertained the guys on Wed. night(the day of my infusion).  Jen and Steve took care of the boys Sat. morning-through Sunday evening.  Then Sarah came back down to help a bit on Monday night.  Then Karen’s parents came over from Wisconsin to help during Jaxson’s ear surgery.  That worked out perfect as the snowstorm hit and school was canceled, Grandpa was here to help clear the driveway and take care of Brenden.  Karen and Dianne took Jaxson to the hospital.  Jaxson was very brave.  He felt comfortable with the doctors and what they explained to him.  On some topics he told the doctor that his Dad had some of the same stuff done, so he was o.k.  So after about 6-8 weeks of not being able to hear very well, he can finally hear again-not that he always listens better.

My next round of chemo. starts next Wed.(the 16th).  My blood work was good on the last round except for one area-the Bilirubin.  The Bilirubin jumped out of the normal range.  Basically it means the liver is having a more difficult time processing toxins.  When the number is really high, people become jaundice and their eyes actually turn yellow.  I looked a little bit like that after my liver surgery this Summer.  So if the number stays high or goes higher this week, I will get a reduced amount of chemo. or they will suspend it for 1 round.  I have to be honest, a extra break over Christmas would feel awesome.   The flip side is that it gives the tumors a little break and thereby pushes everything back.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.




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2 responses to “I’m doing fine

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update- looking for ward to seeing you Monday night. Hugs to all- Gina

  2. Diane Peters

    Hi Stranger!
    Just worked as Varsity Photo Assistant Saturday for Cheri and saw Tim. He told me about your blog.

    I’ve been reading many days of it and even went back to the beginning for over the last hour. Guess I had forgot about you & your health until Tim. He says he checks your blog out every once in awhile.

    Well now that I have your blog, you are now in my favorites just as you were my favorite supervisor at Proex so I can follow your progress and give you support.

    I just can’t believe what’s happening to you – your just 41! But you are in my prays! God will take care of you because you are one of his strong, deserving children.

    Went through all your photos and you certainly have a beautiful wife – Karen. Karen you have a special husband. He was a great boss. And those boys-they sound like alot of fun and keep you both hopping.

    Where are you working now? Sounds like the hours you keep are like those at Proex.

    I have a co-worker with malignant lung cancer, going through chemo sessions and has now spread so I can relate to how sick you get, loss of hair and how tired you get of just going to doctors / treatments. Just stay strong, keep going and the end of the race to the cure is just ahead.

    Bless you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers. Love Diane Peters

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