Peace on Earth

It would be nice to say that Christmas is a time of peace, but with the weather, work and health-it doesn’t get peaceful enough.  This week we did manage to get in a fair amount of visiting, but regrettably we ran out of steam by the end of the week.  Our week started off with Karen and Jaxson getting their 3rd set of colds apiece-not a great start.  On Tuesday evening a missionary friend of ours blessed us with a visit.  His name is Greg Strock and he actually used to work with both Karen and I at different times.  He was visiting from the Czech republic and he enlightened us on how things are both in that country and across Europe.  We then managed to take in a couple Christmas’s between all the weather.   We made it to both my Mom’s and Dad’s at the same time as both my brother and sister and their families were there.  We felt blessed just to make it to them with all the snow, ice and tough road conditions.  In both cases we actually spent longer on the road than we did at either place.  Our near accident experience happened on our way to my Dad’s.  A snow plow was in the right lane and people were slowly passing it in the left lane.  As we took our turn passing the snow plow, it suddenly lost control of the salt machine it was towing.  Luckily for us the out of control trailer fish tailed to the right causing the snow plow itself to kind of jack knife further to the right.  We counted our blessings and we snuck by on the left, but if that trailer had instead gone to the left…  Christmas Eve night Dave, I, Jill’s Dad and Zane took in a live nativity at my church.  Two full size camels stole the show-although the donkey, goats, cow and geese were also very interesting.  By the end of the week Karen, I and the guys we were out of steam.  We decided to just rest the past couple of days-regrettably that meant missing out on seeing the rest of our family in WI.  Karen and the boys, though, are heading that way this coming week.

The kids got more than enough stuff and are still trying to organize all their new toys.  I would show you pictures but we seemed to have mis-placed the camera for the last couple of days.  Every day that I wasn’t working I laid down for an hour to get rested up-yeah the chemo is slowing me up.  I am feeling o.k. and am ready to take on the next round(Goliath) again this week.

May God’s peace rest on you and your family the rest of this holiday season.  2010 here we come!




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2 responses to “Peace on Earth

  1. greg baty

    wishing you the best in your fight, from one Baty to another Baty. we must be related somewhere down the line. Came across this through google, not too many Baty’s out there.

    Good luck,

    Greg Baty

  2. Lo

    Happy New Year, Chris! Let’s hope that 2010 brings health, happiness, peace and other blessings:)

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