Happy New Year

Sorry for the delayed greeting.  Life continues on as “normal”.  I had chemo on the 30th of Dec. so I laid pretty low going into the new year.  It almost felt appropriate to send off the old year with my chemo bottle attached to my side, curled up in a blanket by myself dealing with the effects of the chemicals.  Karen and the boys were kind enough to head East(WI) for the holiday so I could try and maximize my rest.  End of the year/Beginning of the year is definitely a time to look both forward and back.  So on looking back over the past year+, I thought I would share a couple  numbers with you:

0                The number of colds or flu I caught in 2009.

15%           That is the amount of hair left on my head.  Brenden says to not shave it off, so I keep it.

10              That is the amount of weeks out of 72 weeks that I have actually felt close to normal since I began my journey with cancer and my first surgery.

1                 Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where my name was read thanks to Marie and Joyce Berger.  This of course is the church that is built over the location where Jesus was born.

23-0         My undefeated record for walking into the valley of chemo and taking on my giant.

27 in 17     In 17 months I have had 23 rounds of chemo plus 3 major surgeries and 1 minor surgery.  I am still standing, working, and loving being a Dad and Husband to my family.  God just keeps lifting me up when I get knocked down, so I keep going!

My plans/resolutions for 2010:  More time spent with family and friends.  More time helping others in need.  I wasted too much time in front of the TV recovering from everything in 2009, I am ready to get moving.  Also I think you need to hear more from others on this blog, so I may invite Karen and my brother to post sometimes…

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  I hope God blesses all of us in 2010, 2009 was a bit rough.


p.s.  Here is just a couple pictures from the holidays…



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3 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. PAT

    Your boys are beautiful!1 what a blessing u have in your family! Oh my goodness I could go on forever about your family and the blessings they bring to you and the blessings you bring to them with your faith , your courage, your strength, your tenationess You continue to be such an inspiration to all of us out here. Do not for one second think most of us could go through what you have and get us as many times as you continue to get up!! We know the Lord continues to put you in our lives for inspiration! We wil all continue to be your prayer warriors and surround you with love and prayers everyday of this new year!!

  2. Lisa Coleman

    Go, Chris, go! Your stats are impressive and make the rest of us feel like slackers! We are worn out just trying to keep on keeping on with our normal lives, and here you are worrying about helping others in need while you are going through this huge battle in our own life. What a good example you are for your boys and the rest of us too.

    Here’s hoping 2010 is not as rough for you:).

  3. Lisa Coleman

    ps, nice Favre jersey. I still love to watch him, ‘tho it pains me to cheer for the vikes in any way!

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