Time to wait

The scans went well on Friday, but I am not sure when I will find out the results.  I am supposed to review them next Thursday the 21st, but hopefully will find out sooner.  I would think that they will be able to tell me something on Monday/Tuesday over the phone.  I am enjoying my time away from chemo and just trying to get healthier and stronger.  The hat I am wearing in the photo was knitted by a friend of mine-Lisa Coleman.  It says “Sisu” all the way around it and was made in the Vikings colors.  That is the sign of a true friend, as she is a Wisconsin girl and of course a Packer fan.

The two photos below are just pictures of the guys and Karen I found.  I thought they were cute so I put them in.

Thank you for all your comments and prayers.  I will post my scan results as soon as I know them.




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2 responses to “Time to wait

  1. PAT

    can’t believe Dr. Dwuane won’t call soon!!
    Chris ,
    This is all in the Lords hands!
    rRight now you need to be surrounded with love and peace!
    It is so time for you to enjoy ,live and celcbrate your time with family!!!
    We all will be your pray warriors ! Go to refdesk.com and laugh out loud.
    we are all here with you again surrounding you with all of our love and prayers!
    Pat and Burl

  2. Ken Reis


    Thanks for keeping us all up to date. The good LORD has you in his hands.

    Hope you get good news.

    All the Varsity folks are thinking of you.

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