Nurses talk

I still haven’t heard the official word from my doctors.  However I have now talked to 2 different nurses and have gotten some information.  The main tumor that we wanted to shrink, hasn’t changed since Nov.  So I still have two tumors and the main one is still only 20-25% vs. 50% down which was the goal.  The good news is that the PET scan showed less cancer activity within the tumor.  Also, there is no sign of disease anywhere else in my body.  The scan you from your head through your knees.  So, I don’t know the official plan yet.  I think there are 3 ways they could go:  more chemo, radiation, or attempt a surgery.  The second nurse called me today and said that Dr. Sielaff (my surgeon) wants me to have an MRI on Thursday.  So that means the surgeon wants a very close look at one is going on with that tumor.  It may mean he wants to move to some sort of surgery/procedure or something vs. going right back to chemo.  That is as much as I know at this time.  I wanted to put a quick post out to let you know where things are sitting.  Not quite sure why I haven’t heard from either doctor, but at this point it looks like things are now dependent on the next scan.  Following my MRI on Thursday I will meet with Dr. Sielaff to review my scans and what he is thinking.  I have to be honest, anything not involving chemo right now sounds great.  I am feeling great, peaceful and patient.  It’s all in God’s hands.




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5 responses to “Nurses talk

  1. Kelli

    Thank you so much for the quick update. Sounds like we have to continue to be patient with the rest of the results. We continue to stand strong at the valley to give you support, love, and prayers as you continue on with your next phase of battle. Your amazing strength never waivers and your faith is inspiring. Continue to rock Chris!!

  2. PAT

    You are so very blessed by incredible friends ( Kelli, Chris does rock!! ) THE ENGLISH WORD FOR COURAGE COMES FROM THE FRENCH WORD FOR HEART!!
    CHRIS, You are filled beyond capacity with both!!!

  3. Lisa Coleman

    Chris, we are thinking of you!

  4. Vicki

    Will be praying today for changed results on the MRI – that there will be massive healing! Nothing less than a miracle!!! May the Lord who loves you unconditionally be at your side and continue to give you the peace your heart and mind need.

    “Be still, and know I AM GOD!”

    Blessings from our God and Savior!
    Your God-Sister, Vicki

  5. Lois

    Certainly happy to hear your latest results! Keep up the faith as hard as it may seem. Miracles happen all the time. You are in our thoughts and prayers and on our churchs’ prayer chain. Love to you and the family.

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