After the last update, I thought I would try to clarify what all is going on.  I am continuing to enjoy my little break from all procedures(no chemo).  That being said, I have my 4th scan in 3 weeks this Friday.  Apparently they need yet another CT scan of the liver.  Apparently this one is somewhat different from my CT scan a couple weeks ago.  I then will have the angiogram about 10 days after that.  Then about 1o days after that, I will have the radiation treatment.  The angiogram and radiation treatment are both outpatient procedures, taking about 6 hours total each time.

Outside of my cancer world… I continue to work full time, teach Sunday School and now work on Tuesday nights with a group at our church called Celebrate Recovery.  The attendees are facing any number of challenges in their lives(addictions, divorce, single parenting, abuse etc…)  My job(along with 2 other prayer partners) is too be available for individual prayer anytime one of the participants needs it.

Karen and the boys are doing well.  They all are taking up Tae Kwon Do.  I am guessing that I will soon become their sparring/test dummy for the things they learn.

Lastly-it looks/feels like I may be catching a Cold.  It would be the first time in 18-20 months if that was the case.  Right now I have the scratchy throat and body aches.  Stay tuned…

Thank you for all the uplifting comments and prayers.

The long journey continues,



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One response to “Update/clarification

  1. Pat

    You are standing on the rock of the Lord,the sand around may be sinking but not you! Rock on with your Lord he continues to find purpose in your life! And an inspiration for all of us out here!
    Always love,prayers and blessings

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