Another Step Toward Radiation

My Hepatic Angiogram was a success.  The procedure is similar to someone who is having heart trouble.  They go in through the femoral artery in your hip and up into your organs.  For heart problems, they are opening arteries with stints.  In my case they were closing off arteries with coils.   Besides closing off arteries, they measured the amount of blood that goes from my liver to my lungs.  If the amount of blood is 20% or greater, then they can’t do the radiation treatment-mine measured 11%.  I was again blessed with another impressive doctor-Dr. Inampudi.  Dr. I, as they affectionately called him, permanently closed off 6 arteries that were leading from the liver to other organs.  He explained that my lungs and stomach area can receive their blood from other areas.   Through both procedures I am/was awake but only semi- conscious.  I actually got to view what Dr. I viewed of my insides.  I got to see all the coils in place and all my staples from my liver surgery-pretty cool to see.  My platelets are still very low from all the chemo I have taken in.  One doctor said if they were any lower, they couldn’t have done the procedure.  In fact after the procedure they needed to put 20 minutes of constant pressure on the wound to stop it from bleeding.  It seems like this attack on cancer is moving slower than chemo and my surgeries, but it looks like my body wouldn’t have let us move any faster.  Now that all of the arteries are closed off, I can now heal up and get prepared for the radiation.  I don’t have the official date yet for the treatment, but it sounds like it will be the first week of March.   I am feeling good, just moving a little slower right now.  I did shower, drive and went to work today-all things the doctor told me not do.  Overall I have been feeling pretty good, gaining back weight and have even managed to grow some hair again(see below).

Happy Valentines Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to Aunt Val and to nephew Zane who were both born on Valentine’s Day.




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2 responses to “Another Step Toward Radiation

  1. Aunt Val & Eli

    Good Morning Chris and family,

    Thank you for the ‘Happy Birthday’. You made me feel very special :)!!

    We are thankful that your angiogram was a success! I can’t imagine viewing the procedure.
    You look great. Eli said to tell you-beware, your hair will come back with a vengance. His did too.

    You, Karen, and the boys are such an inspiration to us.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and your valentines!

    God loves you and so do we.

    Happy Birthday Zane.

  2. Pat

    I am still praising the Lord for all of your blessings!
    Family,friends,faith,courage,love ,doctors and prayering everyday for healing. chris, you are amazing and we are all better human beings for just haveing known you! Thank the good Lord for bringing you into all of our lives!!!
    Always love and prayers!

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