It finally happened!

I got sick-the routine kind this time.  I hadn’t caught a Cold or come down with the Flu in almost 2 years.  My family has been sick numerous times over that period, but somehow God must have thought that I had enough on my plate-Until now.  I attended my nephew Zane’s birthday party last Saturday and got exposed to a nasty virus.  Since that party, my Mom, Dad, Jill’s Dad and I have all gotten sick.  My nephews were feeling pretty well that day and only coughed a little bit.  Since then they have all had big issues including all 3 of them being diagnosed with RSV.  The big surprise was that Brenden and Jaxson didn’t catch anything.  Karen missed the party as she was at a photo shoot.  That was lucky for us as she has done her wonderful job of picking up the slack as I have been knocked down again.  I had/have a fever, sore throat and cough-but am starting to bounce back.  I just feel  blessed that I came down with it while on my chemo break, after all my scans and in-between radiation appointments.

Speaking of radiation…I get radioactive the first week of March.  The hospital called and scheduled my radiation appointment for March 3rd.  (Cancer cells look out there is a new enemy approaching!)

Overall I am feeling relatively normal.  I have gained more and more hair and about 6 lb.’s of weight since being off of chemo.  I am almost healed from last weeks pre-radiation procedure.

For those of you wanting to attend the Pray for the Cure meeting, it is next Monday night at 7 p.m.

I hope all of you are well-better than me at least!  Thank you for all your comments, thought and prayers.  Karen, I and they guys really appreciate them.




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2 responses to “It finally happened!

  1. PAT

    Well finally your normal like the rest of us mortals!!! Chris, Do take care of yourself things like these can take a heavier toll on us chemo brains that others!!! So just stay the course and keep that eating and sleeping going and watch those sneaky virus’s!!

    Always much love and prayers are always with you and entire family!
    Pat & Burl

  2. Randy

    Sorry about your virus, but great work in the Out-Of-Bounds slalom at the Olympics. I didn’t even know you were in them, with all you’ve been going through, but I was able to catch a reply online here… You’ve got my vote for the gold!

    Laughter is one of the better medicines they tell me.

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