Sunday May 16th-chris here

It is really me posting this time.  We are truly humbled by the party Pat is putting on for us.  I really hope you can all make it.  This party is a celebration of life, family and friendship.

It is open to everyone!  You are invited if you fall into one of these categories:  old classmates, Pictura employees, Ritz employees, Varsity employees, Home Force employees, Proex employees, all my Hosanna friends, Halo friends, Celebrate Recovery friends, Pray for the Cure friends, Baty relatives, Koskela relatives(yes that includes the Packas and Wiinanens), Manor relatives, Stratton relatives, Berger relatives, Methodist friends, Colon Cancer friends, Abbott friends, Baty Sisu teammates from last year, Randy Smith Foundation friends, Bob Buckmeier Foundation friends, Bemidji Evangelical Free church friends, Bemidji Evangelical Covenant church friends, St. Joseph’s Parish friends, neighbors, the Town Family, daycare family friends, Dick Shovan, The Leblanc’s, David Housholder, Deer Hunting friends, if you ever knitted me a hat, Team Captain Sarah’s friends, Fantasy Football friends, BSU friends, Winona State friends, old neighborhood friends from Bemidji, if you thought Ben Bakken’s rendition of Heavenly Day was amazing, Kent Bahr and family, all of the Emerys, Mike and Sharon Lish, clients of Advanced Chiropractic, if you are a fan of Jeremy Camp/Kutless/Bon Jovi/Casting Crowns/Mainstay/Third Day or Newsboys, if you thought the music in Brad Godwin’s old van was just a little too loud, if you attended Upperclassmen, Teens Club or Kids Club and or anyone who is actually still reading this.  You are all invited-pass the word.  Karen and I would love to see you there!  I have a feeling it will be a very blessed day.

All you have to do to sign up is comment on the blog that you are coming and let us know how many.  If that doesn’t work:  call me, email me, Facebook me, drop me a card.  If you want to get more detail about the party-please read Pat’s previous posts.

Health update-all is pretty well.  My blood work and blood pressure are a little concerning-they continue to monitor.  My white blood cells, red blood cells, and my hemoglobin are good.  My platelets and liver functions are still acting weird.  My liver numbers continue to rise-meaning the liver is working overtime to keep everything good-although my billirubin is just above normal.  My blood pressure continues to slowly come down 123/83 today.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and pray for Karen, myself and the guys!




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3 responses to “Sunday May 16th-chris here

  1. Vicki Starbeck

    Lord, bless this AMAZING Baty family. Watch over them through every step of this journey. Continue to show them Your presence in everything that’s going on. Keep Chris healthy and knock out anything that’s not of you in his body. In Jesus Precious Name, AMEN!

    Chris – I don’t believe that you have cancer anymore, it’s now Can’t-cer. It Can’t stay in your body, it Can’t slow you down, it Can’t stop you from loving the Father, it Can’t stop you from sharing the love of the Father, and it Can’t change the wonderful person you are.


  2. Rick and Karen will be there!

  3. Rhonda Callens

    Charlie, Rhonda, Kaci and Kylie plan on attending.

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