Heavenly Day

It was a fantastic day.  The weather was perfect.  Two events went off with no hitches, well except a re-hitching which I will explain.

A few of us started off the day with the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K.  Karen(my wife) another Karen, Sarah and Tim ran the 5K.  Chuck, I my Dad, Debby and Caylee walked the 5K.  Again the weather was a lot nicer than last year and we had a good time.  Then we got changed and ready for the Big Baty Bash picnic.  Pat Groeper, as usual, out did herself with the event.  It was an awesome blessing for her to bring many of us together to hang out and see each other vs. cyber space.  I think there were around 55 people that made it.  You will all know Pat as all CAPS Pat.  She comments often in all capital letters, uplifting our spirits with her loving comments on the blog.  She is just one of those angels God has set in my path.  Pat and I met a couple years ago at a cancer support group through Methodist hospital.  She has taken me under her wing and done her best to take care of Karen, I and the guys ever since.  Pat is a colon cancer survivor as well.

The picnic was such a blessing, I decided to take advantage of having so many great people in one place and surprise Karen with a question.  I decided to ask her to marry me again.  She said “yes” and coincidentally we just happened to have a Pastor in our midst.  Pastor Pat from Hosanna was there.  Only her and Pat Groeper knew it was coming.   Karen and everybody else were unaware.  So we had ourselves a little wedding ceremony to add to an already fantastic day.

A big thank you to everyone who took part to make it such a great day for Karen, myself, Brenden and Jaxson.  The boys have been looking forward to the Baty Bash for the past 3 weeks.  We had two groups from Bemidji there along with one group from the Iron Range.  I just can’t thank everyone enough for coming to visit us.  I hope to get some pictures up soon-depending if I can get Gina to email me some of hers.

Blessings to all and special prayers for both the Pat’s who joined my life since 2008 and made today into a huge success.




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5 responses to “Heavenly Day

  1. Randy & Kelli

    Thanks PAT GROEPER (and everyone else who set up the spread) for the great job with the picnic and the wonderful BIG BASKET. We used some of the stuff on the way home! Thanks to Pastor Pat for the ceremony, Sarah and Pete for the tiny tots baseball camp, Kent and Joy for the wild rice, and Chris and Karen for the inspiring nuptuals. Nice to see everyone else.

    We had a great time!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Chris I am now taking all of these incredible friends and family as my own!!
      I love all of you not only for your truely incredible hearts but for your faith,and tenious love for people that are in your lives (driving 4 hours for a picnic) to eat some cold cuts I do not know about some of your judgements but I love you hearts and now you are all mine!! You all now know where I live and all of you are welcome at our home anytime. I want to tell you all a l ittle secert!! I know that each one of you is held in the Lords hands surrounded by his great love!! Could he have provided a better day??(I do not think so!) SHELTER 2 was toatally sourrounded by the LORDS HANDS!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU YOUR MY FAMILY NOW!!!

  2. It was a lot of fun and we all had a good time. Thanks so much for having us all out for the camaraderie! So glad to see you in much higher spirits and energy. Hope to see ya’ll again soon.


  3. Aunt Val & Eli

    What a wonderful time we had!! I love weddings! 🙂

    Chris, it was great to see you, Karen, and the little guys. You all look so good.

    Thank you Pat for the gathering, it was a wonderful to meet you. Thank you also for the bags of goodies. The girls had a ball going through them.

    Love and God’s Blessings,
    Aunt Val, Eli, Jaclyn & Hannah

    (ps-when’s the next Baty Bash?)

  4. Gina Meixner

    AWESOME! simple awesome- thanks for including us. So good to see every one from near and far. To finally meet Karen and the boys and to celebrate you Chris. Pictures are on facebook and emailed to Chris wish I could have gotton more.
    Love from Gina & the gang
    PS: if the lady whose camera I dropped sees this PLEASE know I am still thinking of her 🙂

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