Some bad news

Many of you have already heard about this.  It has been a tough week.  I have found out through 2 different doctor visits that my cancer has grown and expanded.  I now have 5 tumors in the liver and 3 in the lungs.  Last week I believe the nurse I talked to either didn’t know or didn’t want to tell me what she knew.  The MRI shows tumors and the PET scan confirmed that the 8 listed above are all active

What Happened? The radiation treatment didn’t work and the cancer cells had time to grow and expand since there was no chemo involved to keep it in check over past 5 months.   Dr. Sielaff explained that radiation works really well for some people and for others it has no effect.  But they can’t tell who it will work for and who it won’t until they try it.  I can’t remember how the doctor phrased it but basically he said my case and my lack of reaction to it was highly unusual.  Long story short, the only way to now fight the disease now is to have chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy kills cancer cells but only is 16% of the cases does it actually kill off colon cancer.  Also, this all gets that much tougher as now we have added another organ to try to fight the disease in.  Surgeries are almost completely off the table at this point.  Dr. Sielaff, my liver surgeon, said he would always review my scans and still considers me a patient but I basically get turned back over to my Oncologist.

I am going to have my case reviewed by another great oncologist at the Mayo clinic, but that won’t happen until July 14th.  Between now and then I will just be doing chemo. at Methodist Hospital.  The President of the Colon Cancer Foundation here in MN helped that appointment happen-even as she was on a trip to NY.  Her name is Kristin Tabor and I barely know her but she has been just another person who came out of no where to help a person in need.

I asked Dr. Sielaff if there was anything that I could do to support the liver.  He said the liver was not my problem but rather my immune system.  He said my immune system needs all the strength it can get as it is losing to the cancer cells at this point.  So he referred me to a Healing Coach that mixes Easter Medicine and Western Medicine.

I start chemo again Wed. morning.  Another small twist to that.  Dr. Duane feels that the radiation damaged my liver and due to that I can’t have a full treatment.  So for better or worse, my first treatment will be a smaller version.  If my liver heals up enough then I can get the full treatment in the future.

Right now things look bleak.  In fact my Oncologist offered me the option to not treat the cancer and basically I could live out the rest of my life feeling healthy.  That is not really me.  I am ready to keep on fighting and continue to pray and trust that I will be healed.  Overall we are doing o.k. but are accepting all prayers. We told the guys this weekend that Dad is going back on his medicine bottle so they are mentally prepared.  We had a great little mini vacation to the Dells this past weekend.  We pretty much slammed it in since it was the last weekend for while that I will be feeling this good.  Thank you to everyone who stepped in to help with this.  A special thank you to Karen’s Uncle Jeff for our surprise once we got to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Prayers for peace, trust and a complete healing are all still in order.

A big thank you for caring about me and my family and all the prayers you have already sent our way.   My life is still in God’s Hands, not the doctors-even though they are doing their best.

Pray for the cure June 21st at Hosanna 7 p.m.




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6 responses to “Some bad news

  1. Paul, Jess, & Colin Manor


    THE MANOR’S!!!

  2. Randy & Kelli

    Still praying for you and sending as much love as we can your way Chris and Karen. The kids say “hi” to the boys.

  3. Cheryl Stainer

    So sorry. I am lifting up my prayers for you all. I hate this life, which I suppose is good. It makes heaven look all the sweeter. But . . . . I guess Psalm 46:10 still comes into play, even in times like these.

  4. Kristine (Murphy) Ihrke

    Karen – Alicia let the class know about your husband’s cAnsur (trick I learned from a kanzer patient to mispell the word:). He sounds like a fighter with a great attitude. That will definitely help in his fight. Plus it looks like he has wonderful support from you, the boys, and many family and friends. Prayers to your family as he continues to fight.

  5. Cindy Beaver

    Chris, you’ve been in our prayers constantly throughout your whole battle but with this latest turn of events know that I will beseech Him even more for your health and healing.

    You are such an amazing person. I’m glad Andrew and I can call you our friend.

    Lets arrange a play date for the boys so you & Karen can have a little time together alone.

  6. Pat Trautman

    Chris and Family, Vickie told me the news on Sat. night. Our comp. crashed, so had to search for your blog. I felt so bad when she told me, as you have been making such good strides in fighting this so far. God has brought you a long way and I have you and your family in my prayers. We serve a big God, and nothing is impossible with Him.
    I continue to ask Him for healing for you. Keep up the good fight.
    See you Mon. the 21st. Pat

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