Back in the saddle again-sort of…

I am back at the chemo thing again.  But as I mentioned in my last post the liver numbers are not looking good.  Back around the last week of April my numbers were all doing pretty good and seemingly getting better all the time.  Since then my Liver numbers have actually gotten worse with their big change coming in July.  The key is the Bilirubin.  It is currently at 2.4 and it should be under 1.2  My Bilirubin has never been that high-ever. So due to that number I couldn’t get the strongest chemical and all my other chemicals were cut down by about 30%.  All of that is a sort of a good thing.   The liver is telling us it can’t handle any more toxins in it.  It is having a tough enough time just dealing with what it is already facing without it having to process some chemo drugs.  Of course it is a bad thing to on two levels.  One it still says that the liver was probably damaged by the radiation even if it really didn’t show its full damage until now.  The radiation beads/or seeds they put into me take 90 days to circulate through the liver for them to have their full effect.  The other reason it is bad is that I can’t really fight the tumors with all the chemicals available to me as my body couldn’t handle it.  The hope is that the liver continues to heal itself so that I can get back on track for more chemo.  I have another chemo session set up for two weeks from today.  This one was a breeze.  This chemo was so easy that I mowed the lawn, walked 2 miles, grilled some veggies and help prepare dinner and clean up after dinner-all of that is unheard of when I get all the chemicals at full strength.  I am tired, but not too bad.  Overall I still feel and look healthy.  I have no pain.  I am weighing in 167 lbs.  I have no fevers and my blood pressure is low 110 over 69.

I followed Pat G.’s suggestion and have another Oncologist meeting set up for next Tuesday morning.  The Oncologist is part of Methodist but is actually leaving to go to Abbott.  I hear he is a little more into clinical trials and also tries a few more things than my current doctor.  Not sure what I will learn and if it will be anything different, but it can’t hurt to get a lot of eyes looking at my case.

Thank everyone for putting up with my last post and some emails.  I have been tired and stressed which don’t always lead to proper grammar.  A long overdue thank you to Dan D. for shooting that wedding last weekend for Karen.  Also thank you for everyone for your encouraging words and kindness you have shown to us.  If you feel you have a specific verse that is calling you to give to me/us, by all means send it our way.  Of course thank you for your prayers.  I have been pretty at peace lately.  I think my last real fear burst(1-2 min) was Sunday morning-right before Proverbs 3:5-6 came back into my mind.  I will post more about my feelings soon and some pictures of our trip last weekend with the guys.




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9 responses to “Back in the saddle again-sort of…

  1. Randy & Kelli

    Thanks for the update and the verse from Proverbs. Your strength is inspiring and seems to be of the kind that can allow people to beat cancer! Glad you had fun in the Dells.

    Dawson had his first T-ball game tonight and Jake’s night league baseball is in full swing.

    Love and Prayers…

  2. Dan

    You are welcome.

  3. Aunt Val & Eli

    You are always in our thoughts and prayers. You are very, very special. Keep up the good fight and attitude. If there s anything that we can do, please let us know.
    We love you and are here for you.

  4. ChandraJoki

    You are amazing!!! You have shown strength that is so inspiring. Your attitude and concern for others is so sweet. Quit being so tough….it brings tears to my eyes how you handle all this. We are always thinking about you and your family. Your mom keeps my mom and dad updated and I read them most of your blogs. Keep fighting! Chandra

  5. Dave and Missy

    Keep up the fight Chris. We know you will beat this! We think of you often and pray for you daily.

    Dave and Mis

  6. Cheryl Stainer

    O.k. so I love looking through God’s word and studying it. It’s one of my favorite past times. Our pastor has been speaking on James. This one popped up and I felt it fit your circumstances.

    James 5:16


  7. Kent and Joy

    Chris and Karen, Hoping you both have an exceptional weekend! Remember God is still in control and that when we are weak He is strong! Lots of Love, Kent and Joy

  8. Lisa Coleman

    Chris, we are so sorry about your latest round of bad news. Your unbelievable sisu is inspiring. You and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers.


  9. Megan Cox

    I just wanted to let you know that I continue to follow your website. I pray for you every evening. If you and Karen ever need a free babysitter so you can get away, let me know. I could always use time away from my kids and see what it is like to have boys around 🙂 Although, I think my 6 year old girl would be jealous. I hope the new doc has some different insights for you…new eyes are always good. Always thinking of you!!


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