Never a dull moment

I would love a life of boredom at this point, but it seems that is never the case.  Last weekend Karen had food poisoning and Jaxson had a terrible reaction to Benadryl.  Jaxson’s reaction ended us up in the ER as he lost his memory of everyone except, Karen and I.  He couldn’t even remember his brother, Brenden.  The good news is the story ends well.   Both Karen and Jaxson rallied and returned to normal on Sunday.  Jaxson was in the ER for about 3-4 hours with Karen and I and the doctors monitoring him.  They did blood work on him and found that everything was normal other than his white blood cell count being a little low.  He just slowly returned to normal as the morning and early afternoon wore on.  The came not be said for Karen.  By the end of that Karen was in the hospital bed with her stomach issues and Jaxson was running around in his hospital gown.  I jokingly said to Karen and Jaxson if the doctor came in and saw the three of us, who would he think was the sickest at that point.  Jaxson said Karen.  I then asked him who really is the sickest and again Jaxson answered correctly-Daddy.

I survived the last chemo round well.  I went to WI with the family and enjoyed the long 4th weekend.  Karen and her mom made sure I stayed well rested taking naps or resting each day for about 2 hours.  That was really the only side effect I had with that last round-fatigue.  I am not complaining. The cold/burning sensations that also accompany these chemicals didn’t hit.  I did have a smaller dose though.  This week is round 26.  That actually starts on Thurs and runs through Sat.  Wednesday I go with Karen’s parents down to Mayo to have my 3rd Oncologist opinion.

Overall I am doing well and pretty much look normal.  I am about the healthiest looking sick guy you have ever seen.  I am still helping coach Brenden’s soccer and Brenden and Jaxson’s baseball(coach pitch).  In fact I wore my chemo bottle attached two weeks ago when I coached them.  I don’t really want to miss out on life if at all possible-even while I am on chemo.  I went through a great prayer session on Sunday and am looking forward to Pray for the Cure next Monday night.  I will post later this week to fill you in on my trip to Mayo and my next chemo round.

Hopefully Karen, Brenden and Jaxson have a much duller time than I this week.



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