Mayo Visit

Chuck and Dianne brought me down to Mayo Wednesday.  I met with Dr. Grothey.    Overall I found him to be perceptive, knowledgeable and kind.  In a very short time he reviewed my two year battle and seemed to get a very good grasp on me as a patient.  I related well to him.  He has two boys that are similar in age to Brenden and Jaxson.  He said that if he were in my shoes, he would have taken the same very aggressive approach that we have done in the past.  One key point he noted right away about my disease and my fight-chemo therapy has always worked.  Every time we have tried something else like surgery and radiation, my cancer has taken advantage and grown or expanded.  Basically, I should never get off of chemo.  Chemo works and I should stick with it.  He said he has a patient very similar to me, except at diagnosis her disease was much worse.  Her body/cancer reacts the same way so he just keeps her on chemo, reducing the amount some times and switching drugs sometimes.  She has been doing that for about 5 years and has very small amounts of the disease left, but he said he will never take her off chemo.  He knows of 2 new drugs that are coming and have shown a lot of promise in the fight against Colon Cancer.  He will be administering the clinical trials himself.  For now he told me to keep doing what I am currently doing, but to keep him in the loop to my general health and any major changes to protocol.

I will put up another post shortly concerning this last round of chemo.  It was atypical.




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2 responses to “Mayo Visit

  1. Kent and Joy

    Your appointment sounds encouraging. It is great to have confidence in a good physician. We will continue to pray! With lots of love, Kent and Joy

  2. Kent and Joy

    Chris, After rereading what I just wrote and sent, it struck me, that it is even better to have confidence in THE Great Physician! Keep looking up! Kent

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