Round 27 done

I had another tough round.  Again I had another very high fever-103.9.  The doctor decided not to admit me to the hospital, but rather he told me I could ride it out at home.  He told me I could take a very small amount of regular strength Tylenol.  The fever followed the same pattern as the last.  It starts about 1-2 hours after I get home from the initial infusion.  It lasts between 16-18 hours.  The doctor feels that it is a new side effect for me from the chemo.  I felt pretty rotten for a few days.  My stomach did not like all that and I barely ate anything.  I was down to 158 lbs. going into the last chemo so I am sure I am down even more weight right now.  The great thing is I have rebounded well.  My blood work, even with all the high temps, continues to actually get better.  My liver number actually improved again (1.0) where it was a 2.4 six weeks ago.  My platelets actually jumped up and my other numbers seemed to hold too.  That was all a little surprising to me as it took me a good 10 or 11 days to recover from all my fatigue last time.  One quick point, I won’t lose my hair on this regiment.  So I don’t look sick, other than the fact I run out of energy quick and look for the nearest chair in whatever room I am in.

With all that said-I am enjoying life.  I talked to my boss at work and we decided that it would be good for me to take some time off. So I am enjoying more time with Brenden, Jaxson and Karen.  I will get to see and spend time with a lot of friends and family over the next few weeks-IT IS AWESOME!!!!  NO chemo fatigue is going to stop me.  Aunt Christine calls it Sisu.  I think it is by the grace and mercy of God that I have some Sisu within me and He keeps lifting me up.  I am beat up all the time-Karen can witness to you about that.  She generally gets to see me at my worst-and there have been a lot of them in 2 years.  I have been knocked down sick, nauseated, scarred, bloody, bruised, delirious, fatigued, hairless, with mouth sores in a lot of pain and with yellow eyes-but for some reason, she still loves me.  And for some reason I keep getting back up.  A little incident I had back in 1986 waking up in a pool of my own blood in the middle of a street with three people kicking me in the head doesn’t even compare to these past two years.  I got back up then too!  I will tell you it wasn’t under my own power then or now.  God just keeps dusting me off, putting me back on my feet and just asks me to take the next step forward.  So I will keep stepping forward…And enjoy my August!


p.s.  I will tell you the full story from 1986 when I have more time.  For now-God Bless!



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5 responses to “Round 27 done

  1. Lo

    wow, aren’t you full of surprises! i’m looking forward to that story from 1986. it sure was great to see you and the boys at work yesterday:) rest, relax, and know you are in my thoughts and prayers, chris.

  2. Randy & Kelli

    I remember the 1986 story well, but would love to hear it again. Enjoy every minute of your August and keep taking it one step at time!


  3. ChandraJoki

    I will have to agree with my mom. You are amazing . Even without the SISU in you , you are so inspirational! The “1986 story” sounds interesting but nasty. GO SISU!!!! Take care. Chandra

  4. PAT


  5. Lisa Coleman

    You are one tough dude, Chris! A friend recently told me about this whole “What would Chuck Norris Do” deal (google it for a laugh!) – makes me think of you because of your sisu.

    We are really looking forward to seeing you and Karen and finally meeting your boys soon.


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