Health Update

I thought I should give a quick health break before I tell 1986 part 2.

I had chemo today(round 5 in this regiment, 28 overall).  So far no fever, but I think that is because they had to give me a reduced dose again.  Here are a few numbers:

White blood cells    Normal Range 3.8-11.0         4.9(7/28)        2.9(Today)

Platelets                      Normal Range 140-450         71(7/28)         47(Today)

The big concern is the platelets.  They have never been this low.  The chemo just beats them up.  Also high fevers tend to eat up those cells as well.  The doctor wanted to delay chemo one week and let my body recover more.  I told him I would rather take a reduced amount as we have a family trip coming up next week.  So he agreed.  I asked if there was anything I could do to increase the platelets.  He said “no” that there is not shot or anything that can be done to improve that number.  I think praying can help.  So for the future, please pray that might platelets bounce back.  My Bilirubin number, that measures the liver function, is not a concern anymore.  It has now been in the normal range for 6 weeks.  The plan moving forward is to have two more rounds of chemo and then do a scan(Sept. 20th).  That scan is a highly charged emotional scan.  The last scan was the one that told me that everything was headed the wrong way.  Dr. Duane asked me what I felt about this scan.  I told him I believe that the scan will show no signs of disease and that I will move on to a maintenance chemo plan.  He agreed that if things show positive improvement that we move on to an easier chemo plan for awhile.

I have been staying very busy, even though I haven’t been working.  I have visited with lots of friends and relatives in the past week.  I plan to do more before I get back to Pictura.

Thank you for all your prayers!  I am still standing and still doing well-even while on chemo as I type this.





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5 responses to “Health Update

  1. Michele Balvin

    Hang in there Chris! And tell us part 2 of 1986!

  2. Lo

    you got it! prayin’ for platelets:)

  3. Taisa Diedrich

    I hate so much that you have to endure all of this! I know it’s a dumb thing to say, but I wish it would all just go away!!!! I realize this is life but I still feel life is unfair at times. Like now. I love reading your blog because you really, truly do have an incredible spirit. It is seeing you through this and helping you to live your life to the fullest right now. I continually keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
    As for the platelets, I feel I need to share this with you. My Mom would also lose platelets like crazy when going through chemo. I talked her into trying this juice my best friend did a lot of research on and had great results from it. It is called Xango. Perhaps you have heard of it. Anyway, my Mom reluctantly tried it and the thing it did for was increase her platelets. Now, we have no written facts of this, but I can tell you that when she would get her blood drawn on Mondays and her platelets were very low, she would double her dose of Xango that day, the next day get her blood drawn and her platelets would be way up there. She did nothing different except the juice! She & my Dad soon realized and believed it was the juice increasing her platelets. I have 3 full bottles at home I would happily give to you to try. Let me know.

    In peace, love & finding a cure,
    Taisa Diedrich

  4. Beth Gould

    Hey Chris! Thinking of you and sending my love every day! I will be thinking of those platelets!!!

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