Round 29 or Round 6 in this regiment

My numbers came back as a mixed bag.  Two liver numbers got a little worse, one got a little better, but the oncologist said not to worry about them.  My Platelets didn’t get any better, they stayed at exactly 47 and they need to be at 100.  We may have a small solution to this, thanks to a note I got from Taisa from one of my last blog entries.  Her Mom used to drink this juice called Xango and then her platelets went up right away.  My white blood cells went up to 3.3 from 2.9.  I have had no fevers.  My appetite is pretty good.  I will be ready to get back to work next Monday.

Thank you for all the gifts, prayers and cards.  They inspire Karen and I.


p.s.   Carol G. you were right.  That second broken nose happened right before deer hunting season, so I think I missed that year.  Tell Larry that your memory is just fine.



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3 responses to “Round 29 or Round 6 in this regiment

  1. Lo

    that’s ok. i’m not discouraged. i’m still prayin’ for platelets! seeya at work monday:)

  2. PAT

    Do not worry about #’s ! Let the Strong arms of Jesus just take care of that! You ar only to think about all of the blessings in your life today (family,unbeatable friends in fact your family and friends are just amazing I really do not know anyone like them!! I know alot of people but for some God Given reason you have the very best of family & firends!! in fact TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING CAN BE WONDERFUL!! Now go out and live that wonderful life you have and we are all out here singing ON WARD CHRISTIAN SOLIDER MARCHING ON TO WAR WITH THE CROSS OF JESUS GOING ON BEFORE!!! YOU ARE OUR CHRISTIAN SOLIDER! And we know that Jesus is helping you carry the cross!!

  3. Paula

    So looking forward to seeing you Monday! It’s just not the same without you.
    Like Lo says – “praying for platelets” we should make that a mantra.

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