11 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating 11 years of marriage today.  It really has gone fast, as I am finding out most of life does.  I am just thankful for every day.  The picture above is from our trip this past August to Itasca State Park.  This is the safe way across the beginning of the Mississippi.  See the picture below for the more challenging route across.  I decided to help my nephew Zane across that route and of course we ended up falling in.

Have fun today, this week or throughout your life, whether you get to take the safe way across or you get the more challenging route-have fun and trust that God is located on both paths.  I am just thankful for my path.  I am having fun and loving the past 11 years.  With my plan of 39 more years to live, my Bemidji math tells me that a 50 year wedding anniversary is just around the corner.

Monday is scan day.  I won’t find out the results till that evening or Tuesday.  Pray for the Cure is Monday at 7 p.m. at Hosanna, for anyone interested in attending.

Off to dinner….  (thanks Pat and Burl for the gift cards!)




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