Scan Results

Well the results came back mixed. First the bad news…The MRI showed that two of the tumors had slight growth 4-5mm range.  Also, there could possibly be another tumor that has appeared.  The good news…The PET scan actually had good results, the tumors showed less activity than they did back in June.  So they are alive, but not as active.  Dr. Duane is just not sure how we proceed.  Our three options are:  1.  Stay the course with the current chemicals and regiment and hope that my blood work comes back better so that I can receive a higher dosage.  2.  Actually take out the toughest chemical for 1 round so I don’t get too toxic or start having more neuropathy issues.  3.  Switch chemicals back to what I was on last year.  Those chemicals are tougher on me.  I get pretty sick with them but they make work better.

I will go to my normal chemo appt. on Wed. and then we will make the decision on which way to proceed.   I will probably try to consult with Dr. Leach and/or Dr. Grothy if possible within next 2 weeks.

I am disappointed in the results but not devastated.  I have been feeling pretty well and have decent energy.  I will post on Wed. or Thursday to let you know what we decide.

Thank you for your prayers!  I have been pretty peaceful throughout today and the past week.  Please pray for Karen, myself and the guys as we continue to move forward with life.




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2 responses to “Scan Results

  1. PAT

    Chris & Karen,
    CANCER SUCKS!!IT IS A HORRFIC ,INSIDIOUS DISEASE!!! All of us out here can only pray for a cure. Thousands of us,along with doctors,nurses,researchers have put heart and soul in to trying to make a difference in those lives that are so devasted by CANCER!!! Faith & the Love of our Lord are our only answer!! I will again struggle to keep the faith and pray to our Lord God to protect you,Karen and those percious boys! The Lord our God has the only answers and I will pray for Hm to show us our way!!!


  2. Randy Johnson


    I wish you had received better news, and I’m very sorry for what you and your family have had to endure. Like you I have kids and simply can’t imagine being apart from them. However, it seems to me that even while you are fighting this terrible disease you are setting an incredible example for your two boys – that no matter how hard things get you remain thankful for what you have and fight for another day. That’s some admirable stuff. It’s been 20+ years since we’ve seen each other but just know this – my family and I wish you and your family the best and we will keep you in our thoughts.

    Randy Johnson

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