Did you ever have one of those weeks?

O.K. I can’t say that I’m having that bad of a week.  Yes, the results weren’t all that great.  They weren’t really all that bad either.  Dr. Duane basically said the chemo is working.  At the bottom of the PET scan, the radiologist basically said the same thing.   Today I went in for chemo and it was decided that my body couldn’t handle it.  My spleen is enlarged, my platelets(now 40 on goal of 100) continue to drop and my bilirubin (now 1.8 on a goal of 1.0) continues to go up.  The doc decided that a one week break was needed to try and turn everything around.  So next Wed. we will try again.  The spleen is enlarged because my liver is not processing everything efficiently, so the liver is basically backing up stuff into the spleen.  When the spleen is enlarged, it eats up platelets.  See a domino effect happening here?  All that being said I am feeling pretty good and looking even better.  At least that is what I tell Karen as she rolls her eyes.  But I am serious…. 🙂

Lessons learned this week:

1.  Chemo is devastating, radiation is devastating, and surgeries are tough to recover from.  Yes I already knew all this but today was just a reminder for Dave (my brother) and I.  My liver has done its best to process 30 rounds of chemo, undergone a 70% resection and re-growth and some tough radiation.  After all that I expect it to function normally-yeah not a chance.  I need some Divine influence to make that happen.  I am tough, resilient(full of Sisu) but its not going to be by my power to make that happen.  That’s why we pray.

2.  Never pass up a really good steak, even if you are trying to eat healthy and not eat red meat.  One meal isn’t going to make a difference.

3.  Don’t live your life by your scans or what the doctors say.  Yeah I already know.  At this point I am believing I can live without a liver or a spleen.  Maybe I am just living in the grace of the holy spirit, if that’s the case don’t wake me up.

Let’s Roll!      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_roll




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7 responses to “Did you ever have one of those weeks?

  1. Theresa Connelly

    Hi Chris!

    I hate that you have gone through experiences to make this sort of lessons learned list, but like that you shared them. You are indeed tough and resilient! I believe too in the power of prayer and you have loads of them going for you – and you are so deserving of Divine influence.

    I think of you often, miss you much and pray for you and your family always.

    Yes, let’s roll!

    🙂 Theresa

  2. Randy & Kelli

    Chris, we read these emails to “support” you, yet find that they end up supporting all of us. You have a war path carved out of undeniable faith and sisu. We are all with you on this path and all learning in our own ways as we march on.

  3. Ernie and Carmen

    Chris, Karen and family – we continue to pray for you daily. Keep smiling and know that we are walking this walk along side you in prayer!
    Love, Carmen and Ernie Rinehart

  4. PAT

    Some times you may not feel it but the Lord is so directing your path!YOu are in His Hands!! Every step you take makes you stronger. You don’t have to know where you are going. YOU CAN BE BRAVE IN THE DARK BECAUSE HE IS THERE WITH YOU!

  5. Kent and Joy

    Yeah, let’s roll! Livers and spleens are way to overated but God’s strength is often under utilized! Remember, for when I am weak then he is strong! Lots of love, Kent and Joy

  6. Suzy Welch

    A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you. I was in the area of your work and called to see if you were there. You were not.

    Prayers to you and your supporting family will continue. God Bless, you are loved by so many.

  7. Dale and Joanne Haukland

    Hi Chris , Karen, Brendon and Jaxson,
    We continue to pray for you and since it is the season for a Christmas miracle for you. We appreciate your blog and your determination. Much love and prayers. Your California cousins who have not seen you for a long time, but think of you and pray for you and your family daily.
    Dale and Jo

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