Round 31-an easier one

I had chemo today, but it was without the toughest drug.  That drug causes problems with the liver and my liver numbers still don’t look good-even after a 1 week break.  My bilirubin number is now at 1.8 and it should be around 1.0.  My platelets, however, jumped to their highest level in 9 weeks-which is great.  They are now at 60.  The goal is to get them closer to 100.  That is tough to do on chemo, but that’s my goal.   A friend’s mother suggested I take sesame oil to improve my platelet numbers.  So I started taking the sesame oil last Saturday night and things look good so far.  Thanks Mrs. Smith!!!!!!

So tomorrow I plan to try and work for a couple hours, even with my chemo bottle on.  We will see how that works.  Each chemo will depend on my blood work.  So it will always be an adventure.

Karen and the boys are doing o.k.  Although Jaxson has an ear infection.  He is a trooper as he got his flu shot today and didn’t cry.  He was very brave.  Brenden and Jaxson are doing pretty well with school.  Jaxson said that he is ready to go back to 1/2 days like he had in kindergarten.  He has a tough time sitting still for a full day.  Brenden is doing well and already thinks he is the smartest kid in his class.  He thinks that because he answered a couple questions accurately out loud and a few other kids told him he was really smart.

Time to sign off and get some sleep.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  I still tell the doctors I am healed.  Sooner or later I will have them convinced.




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3 responses to “Round 31-an easier one

  1. Judy

    Chris & family,
    It’s an honor to be part of your lives. Thank you Chris for being sooo faithful about writing. It’s amazing that when you said this chemo was a lighter round, I felt relieved. It was easier for ME to read! Ha!
    Love & prayers-

  2. Lo

    still prayin’ for platelets. have a good weekend! lo

  3. Paula

    Happy Birthday Chris! And Thank you Pat – for the wonderful treats and the crazy hat!! We loved it!
    Paula – Pictura

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