Hunting and Chemo

I went hunting with our deer party last weekend.  It is just a great time to take in nature and spend some time visiting with people I have known for a very long time.  My Dad started hunting with Larry at his property in Backus in 1970.  Back in 1970 my Mom, Dad, myself and new baby sister were living in Backus.  Rhonda was born Nov. 13th 1970, right in the middle of a beautiful deer hunting season.  That didn’t slow down the hunt.  After Rhonda was born in Brainerd, Dad drove back up to Backus and went back out hunting.  Later that night Dad went back up to see how they were doing.  No matter what life has brought us, the hunt just goes on.

All that being said, I’m not much of a hunter.   My grandfather was an amazing shot.  My Dad followed in his footsteps and Dave seems to follow in his.  Somewhere along the way I missed that gift.  Dave and Dad once again showed off their marksmanship this year.  Dave dropped his deer at 200 yards across a swamp.  Dad shot a buck running away from him, not once but twice.  Dad’s second shot wasn’t needed as the first shot went through the lungs and the adrenaline just carried the deer further.  Dad got caught off guard by his 7 pointer as he was busy taking pictures of the scenery around him.  I just took in all of the beautiful sunshine and nature and spent the time resting in the mild temp.’s.  I saw 8-10 deer but all of them were Does or Fauns.  The only excitement I had was face planting myself into the soft earth while preparing to jump over a puddle from a dead fall.  The branch I was balancing on gave way just as I went to jump.  I found myself crashing into the soft earth face first while placing my gun in mid-air on some neighboring trees.  The gun was safely waiting for me there as I rolled off the ground yelling/laughing “man down” to my brother.  All of that excitement didn’t do much for my Hernia.  Yup I said it, a Hernia-well actually two, but who is counting.

I went to the doctor today to review how my blood work looked and how I was handling all of my challenges.  So we just started down my list…

1.  My Cold is slowly getting better-it has been a long 4 weeks and I still have a cough.  That cough was so violent last week that it caused a hernia.  I thought I pulled a groin muscle but the lump was a dead give away. I hadn’t figured out what it was until Jeannie at work ventured her guess, and she was right.  The doctor checked it out and pointed out a 2nd hernia I actually have higher up.  Only the lower hernia hurts right now and he told me just to take it easy.  I guess over time it will heal itself.

2.  My Hives…I haven’t had Hives for two weeks now and the doctors don’t know why I got them or why they went away.  The gave me a prescription to take just in case they came back, but I decided to skip it.

3.  My spleen…The pain in my spleen first cropped up about 6 weeks ago.  Basically the spleen is enlarged and is growing into places that it shouldn’t and has caused pain.  That pain has worsened over the last 7 days.  I have pain med.’s and the doctor said to start using them.  Pain causes stress and higher blood pressure and generally wears you out.  I need all the energy I can get, so the doc said take the pain med.s

4.  Blood work…After taking an extra 2 weeks off my blood work bounced back.  My white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets and liver numbers headed in the right direction. My platelets moved to 69-the highest they have been in over 3 months.  My Bilirubin remained elevated but dropped to 2.0, down from 3.3.  Since everything improved, he gave me the light round of chemo.  I still am not eligible for the heavy stuff as the Bilirubin would have to be around 1.4 or lower to get that stuff.  I don’t stress about it.  If my body/blood work can’t handle it, I can’t handle it and will take what the doctor prescribes.  After this round of chemo, I then will have scans 11/30 and then chemo again Dec. 1st.

Life just keeps going on and I feel blessed to be a part of it.  Other than the recent pain,  I feel pretty good.  I get worn out a little easier now but am just so thankful that I can continue to take part in being a Dad and Husband, Volunteering at Church and Helping out at Work.  There is a lot of people that make all that possible, but number one is God.  That is the only explanation for how I can continue to move forward.  I’m no Superman (Of course you may have figured that out already from my face plant story noted above).





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2 responses to “Hunting and Chemo

  1. Judy

    Chris- There is more to being in the woods than just the hunt. (Besides the “face planting”.) There’s precious time to simply appreciate how awesome God’s creation is. I’m glad you had a chance to do that.

    And, I’m grateful for the good report from the Dr.

    Know that I’m still praying for your health & recovery!


  2. Andrew James

    Heh. I miss those big bags of venison jerkey you used to bring in to work. Glad you had an alright time (minus the tree jumping fail).

    Also glad to hear the numbers are enough to start attacking again. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving (plenty to be thankful for I imagine!) and hope to see you soon.


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