The dreams

Over the past 2+ years I have gone through a lot.  Many of the things have been horrible both physically and emotionally.  But there a have been a lot of things over the past 2 + years that have been nothing short of amazing.  I need to do a better job of relating those things to you.  This next one tops them all…

I got a call a little over a week ago and it was from Tony, one of my Prayer Ministers.  Tony is one of the people that comes and prays for us at Pray For the Cure.  He also is one of the Prayer Ministers on Sundays at our church.  This past summer Tony and Linda, his wife, came over to our house to pray for our family.  Tony has been a great mentor and friend throughout these past 2 1/2 years.

Tony sounded pretty excited when he called me.  He said there was a lady named Shari that I needed to meet.  Tony leads a Small Group at our church and Shari is someone who is in his group and attends our church.  At the beginning of the meeting Tony asked Shari how here week was going.  Shari explained that she had had some interesting dreams over the past week and wasn’t sure what to do about them.  She explained that she had had two dreams about a guy whose name she didn’t know and had never met.  Tony asked her to explain more.  Shari explained that the guy in her dream has Stage 4 Colon cancer and had participated in a service at our church last June.  She explained that she never saw the service live, but rather had watched it on the internet this past summer.  (All of our Hosanna Sermons can be watched online).  In the dream God told Shari that she needed to find this man and pray with him for his healing.  A couple days later she had another dream, this time God told her to pray for this man, tell him God loves him and in the dream she did pray for that man.  Shari is a shy person.  She didn’t know what to think.  She had never prayed for another person out loud in front of them.  When the first Sunday rolled around after those dreams she was scared she actually might run into that man.  She had no idea what she would do or say or how he would react.  I mean how do you start the conversation, ” Hi I’m Shari and I have been dreaming about you…”  She was afraid that the guy would think she was nuts.

Of course, as you have figured out, that guy was/is me.  And Shari had just her dreams to one of the 6,000 people in our church who knows me pretty intimately.  Tony said, “His name is Chris Baty and I can contact him to set something up for you to meet.”  As nervous as Shari was, she agreed.  Shari and I and her daughter met a week ago Tuesday to pray together. This past Monday at Pray for the Cure she came with me to pray again for my healing.

The whole story has been mind boggling to me and I’m living it.  The sermon that Shari remembered my face from was from over 4 months ago.  I was one of about 30 people who took part in the 3 weekend services.  My role was a non-speaking part in which I held up a piece of cardboard explaining the challenge I was currently going through.  Shari is a loving, caring, courageous person who stepped out of her comfort zone to be obedient to God.  God is at work, alive and interacting.  I feel humbled and blessed.  Too many times I get caught up in all the yucky stuff that is going on and lose focus on what is really important in this life and the next.

If you want to see my very small part of the service was asked to be a part of last June, here is the link:




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2 responses to “The dreams

  1. Jill

    Really cool Chris! Our God is amazing! It is so exciting to see him work. It has been clear that from the beginning of this journey with cancer that God has been at work in so many ways through you. Being a christian and follower of Christ does not mean life will be easy, usually harder. It also obviously doesn’t protect you from illness. BUT God can take illness and use it to further His kingdom and touch the lives of others who may not have been in reach before. Thank you Chris for being so strong, leaning on God and giving Him the praise. You are handling your illness in the most God pleasing way and I admire you so deeply for that. I truly love you, Karen and the boys and feel so blessed to be a part of your family.

  2. Judy

    AMAZING. Chris, thank you for taking the time to type up this story. Some stories are more mysterious & dramatic than others. It is ALWAYS sooo encouraging to hear how God is actively working in our lives.
    Shari- thank you for following & doing what God has asked you to do. Amazing!


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