May God Bless you this Holiday Season

God has been touching me and our family is so many ways.    First I need to thank you all for the cards and generous gifts we have been receiving.    I have tried to explain to my kids the depths of your love, but really I have trouble fathoming it myself.  If I listed everything we have been apart of or received, you would be astounded and amazed.  I will share just a couple quick things with you.  The MN Timberwolves basketball team have given us court side tickets to a game on Jan. 5th.  Along with the tickets they gave both boys jerseys and hats.  The jersey’s are the Kevin Love jersey.  I could not think of a more appropriate last name to have across the backs of their jerseys(Love).  Also the Timberwolves gave us valet parking and all the free food we could possibly eat.  That night is the type of memory that stays with kids forever.  Jim B.   of the Timberwolves heard about us through Todd (our general manager) at Pictura.  We also received a huge basket of goodies from Pictura, the employees, Jim W. and the staff at Atomic.  I know that no one is looking for recognition but I just wanted to let everyone know how happy we were.

Also, I just have to say how great last Sunday was.   Brenden, Jaxson and I went to church.  We were planning on meeting a few people in the prayer chapel before the service.  Kent and Joy Bahr had said they would meet us there.  I was surprised when my friend Jon Ness came to find me in the coffee line.  He and his wife, Cindy, had hitched a ride down from Bemidji.  That was a great surprise.  When we made it into the prayer chapel we had more surprises.  My mom and step dad were there along with a group of almost 20.  We had an amazing time of prayers.  After our spirit filled prayer session we joined the regular sermon already in progress.  The church staff had reserved a row of seats for us.  I couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear when I looked down the row at all my friends and family that had joined me.  After the service everyone came back to my house.  Are you wondering who or how we would be all fed?  No worries-Pat and Burl had taken over the kitchen while we were at church.  They had made a meal big enough for all 15 of us.  My brother and two nephews joined us as well.  Pat and Burl also gave the guys some cool gifts for Christmas.  It was just an amazing day-I loved it.

Overall I have been doing o.k.  I worked two days this past week.  I have had a lot of pain due to the fluid building in my abdomen.  I take 3-5 pain pills a day.  Today I went in and got over 13 lbs. drained out of me.  I feel a lot better.  The fluid continues to build because the liver isn’t working right.  I will need to ave it drained at least every 7 days.  My Bilirubin improved a little bit-from 3.0 to 2.2 and most of my other numbers were o.k.  Two liver numbers got worse and my platelets dropped again

We are only two days away from Jesus’s Birthday.  You really have to ask yourself-what are you going to do with Jesus.  My kids like all kids (and many adults) get this season mixed up.  Jaxson was telling me the other day that many people didn’t believe in Jesus, God or Santa Claus.  He asked me if Santa was magic, I said “yes”  He then asked if Santa had the power to heal.  In his mind he was trying to find a way to get me healed.   He just lumped all three together  I explained that only God and Jesus had the power to heal.  I am still hopeful that I will receive God’s miracle and not Santa’s miracle this season.  Jesus life and death was a sacrifice for our sins.  With that sacrifice and the acceptance of that gift, we can receive eternal life.  Enjoy this season.  Life is brief.  Accept the gift that is freely given.  We all need to act like this is our last Christmas season together.   The small stuff just doesn’t matter.  Give a lot of hugs, take care of each other and show a lot of love toward others.

Be Blessed-love,



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  1. Jeanie Johnson

    What a wonderful and special Christmas season you had with your family and friends. You truely are blessed. My God bless you know with one of his many Miracles. You are in my heart and prayers. Jeanie (Gina’s mom)

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