Some more changes

Well it has been a fun past week but also a challenging one.   For the past 9 nights I have been waking up with pain.  The pain has usually been generally in my abdomen but the past 3 nights have all been low back or the lower left part in my abdomen.  The pain is anywhere between a 4-8 on the pain scale.  Because of all the pain, I’m not sleeping too well.  I am usually up taking several pain pills in the middle of the night and then trying to sleep around all the Christmas activities.  During the days I have had pain too, just not as bad.  So each day I have been taking between 4-6 pain pills.  I was supposed to have chemo on Monday, but I canceled it.  I was concerned that chemo on top of the pain I was already having was going to make things worse.  I reviewed everything with my Dr. on Monday afternoon.  The doc said I made the right call by canceling or delaying the chemo another week.  The doc was unsure on what could be causing the pain.  We both know that the continual fluid build up is not helping.  I had another 10 lbs. drained out of me today . It is tough to keep track of what my weight is due to all the extra liquid not leaving my body, but my guess is about 150 lbs.  My appetite is good, but gets suppressed by the pain and the pain meds.   My doc just said to keep taking more and more pain pills-basically he said that I can’t overdose on them.  So truth be told I am writing this to you under the blanket of 4 pain pills.


So since I have had the physical change(lots of pain).  I have had to re-consider my full time employment at Pictura.  If I could get the pain under control, that would be a different thing.  Right now taking pain pills in the middle of the night and then throughout the day makes things a little dangerous to be commuting.  Also, it all adds up to me being tired all the time.  I will meet with my boss next week to get it figured out.

So other than those to big changes, we have been enjoying the holiday season.  I have never received so many Christmas cards in my entire life.  I heard that Aunt Carmen was behind that.  Thanks to her idea, I found out that my Great Uncle Jean Baty lives just two miles away.  I went and visited him on Monday afternoon, it was great.  Tuesday Mom and Rick and Aunt Kristine and Uncle Harold drove down to have lunch with me.  Today I rested a bit before going to the hospital.  Tomorrow my sister comes back to town to visit again.  Last weekend we some how made it to both of Karen’s families extended Christmas parties too.  Lots of visiting in a short amount of time-but it has all been good.

God’s Blessing to all of you!  Time to attempt some sleep.




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7 responses to “Some more changes

  1. Vicki Starbeck

    Chris – Tony and I are on Prayer Team this weekend. Stop by for a quick re-fueling!! Bless you, my God-Brother!! Vicki

  2. Kelli

    Thank you for continuting to keep us all posted, even through all your pain; your sisu is strong as ever. We so appreciate your writings as you are in our thoughts and hearts each and every day. Clearly God is guiding you through all these big decisions. Your army of friends and family will never leave your side and we are so ridiculously proud of you.

  3. Mickey

    I’m with you everyday in thoughts and prayers. You give me and hopefully everyone else strength. You are one special human being. And with your strenght and your blogging messages I have made some major decissons for my life. On Jan. 3, 2011 I’m giving my resignation at my full time job. I’m not waiting till re-tirement age. I can see it around the corner, but you have taught me not to wait do what you want NOW and I ‘am.. Thank you Cris. Iwill work part-time but will be available for my Children and Grandchildren, and going to Atlanta for Michele when and for how long I want…Keep that strength for yourself and all of us. Mickey

  4. Ernie and Carmen

    Chris …. Don’t blame me entirely – your Aunt Val had a LOT to do with it too!
    We are praying for you, Karen and the boys. Thank you for keeping your blog, I feel close to you just knowing, I can stop by your blog and read it anytime!
    God Bless You!! Love, Aunt Carmen & Uncle Ernie

  5. Chandra Joki

    We are always thinking about you and your family. I am proud to have a cousin who is such an inspiration to so many! Chandra

  6. Beth Gould

    All my love as you continue to fight! I said many prayers for you over the holiday season!

  7. Michele Balvin

    I’m thinking about you Chris. Evan and I send our love to you, your boys, and Karen.

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