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Still doing well

I have slowly bounced back from the chemo.  I have been just taking it slow and actually stayed off the computer for 2-3 days (I know a lifetime for many of us in this day and age). I thought I should do a quick post to update you.

The pain did not increase through the chemo-which was a concern.  Actually I have had less pain of late.  Also, I have actually gotten more sleep.   For the first time in many weeks, I actually slept in my own bed.  Dec. 24th I slept in my bed and then I didn’t make it back to my own  bed until this past Sat. night-Jan. 15th.  I had been getting some sleep in our downstairs bed, but found it a major accomplishment just to get back to my own bed upstairs.  I just thank God for all of that.

Without working you may think I get bored, but somehow I stay busy.   I don’t have the energy I used to and I still take pain pills every day so it is not like I ever have too much energy.  Last week I was feeling really good one day and slowblowed 4 neighbors driveways.  Then there are days like this past Monday where it was a lot of work just getting to and from the hospital to get my fluid drained.  They drained off over 12 lbs. and after wards I just felt crampy and tired so I slept for a couple more hours.  If I am not resting I am either reading(have received 4 books within past week), watching movies, helping around the house, volunteering at church, attending prayer services and attending our regular services.  I had a some great company the past few days at church and Pray for the Cure.  My friends Gina, Jeannie G. and Vicki and Brad Wifler joined me Monday night.  Sunday I was joined by Jon Opsal.

Overall I just wanted to drop a quick post and let you know I am doing well.  I get fluid drained off again a couple more times before the next chemo.  The next chemo and blood work is a week from today.  I don’t really worry about any of that.  I just takes what God gives me today and am thankful for it.  Hopefully I will continue to have less pain, more sleep and more love and friendship. My life is in His hands.





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