Friday’s Update

Sarah here again.  Today Chris had another pretty good day – very similar to yesterday – cracking jokes, going for walks, praying, and chatting with visitors.   Chris had asked Pastor Pat to come and give him communion, so family members joined him for that as well.  Chris’s sister Rhonda is staying with him tonight, so Chris was looking forward to some QT with his sister.

Chris also asked that I take a photo of him and post it on the blog so that people know what he looks like right now:

Chris smiling for the camera.

As Chris was getting ready for his evening walk, Karen told him to be careful (as the roads and sidewalks are very slippery) and she said he then proceeded to literally “skip” out the door.  Defiant, yet charming, as always.

I also read all of the blog comments from Thursday’s post to Chris (thank you for your comments!), then Chris started asking me about the blog statistics again.   So we spent some time on the computer looking through the statistics graphs and tables, and Chris asked “so what’s the easiest way to post these statistics to the blog…maybe copying them out to Word and then pasting them into the blog?”.  He really wanted me to share the statistics – I think he’s starting to understand how many people he’s touched throughout his journey, so here are the statistics that I promised him I would post (click on the graphics to zoom in):

Baty Blog monthly statistics starting in July 2008.

Baty Blog statistics - historical averages

Baty Blog statistics - recent weeks

Thanks again for all of your comments, prayers,  and visits!

Sarah (on behalf of Chris and his family)



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29 responses to “Friday’s Update

  1. Anonymous

    We continue to pray for you and your family many times a day. I am so thankful for this blog and how we get to stay updated. Jon & I went to the hockey game tonight & out for coffee. I checked as soon as I got home & it was the same msg., looked over e-mail & one last quick look before bed & there was a new update. I was so happy to hear about you skipping! And so happy that you have stats to look at. It’s one thing for us to tell you that you are impacting thousands, but it’s amazing that you can now see how many hits you have & know that is still just a fraction of how many are praying for you and your family. Hope you have a good & restful night. Love in Christ – Cindy

  2. Heather Tidd

    Wow…you really do have a lot of people stalking you! 🙂
    I hope that you have a great weekend!
    Thinking of you all…praying…

  3. Tara

    I am honored that I had the chance to see you again. I apologize for being so nervous, I had the whole Eagan Proex to speak for! That’s pressure!!!

    I got to laugh with you again and that’s the best thing I could ever asked for. Thank you Chris, and to Karen, your handsome boys, and both your wonderful families for letting me in to see you!

    I love you my friend! See you later!

  4. kent and joy bahr

    chris. we are enjoying scotland. Josh and team just won their first game against the czech republic. we miss you and you have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly. you continue to impact so many, and now the numbers confirm it. you are amazing. we have some trouble getting the internet here but we try to keep tabs on you as much as we can. we love you and your beautiful family. you are very special to us. see you soon. love kent and joy.

  5. Bill Hursh

    Chris You have taught us all, how to live, love, laugh and enjoy life. You are now showing us all how to exit this stage with courage, conviction and purpose. Wishing you peace on your journey. GO BEAVERS!!! Bill

  6. PAT

    Do you all see that smile that errepresssable smile on Chris’ face as he walks on his last journey it is the smile of a man that has walked his journey with the GRACE OF GOD! Chris has the PEACE OF MIND,the JOY OF SPIRIT,the CONFIDENCE AND TRUST NEEDED FOR LIFE AND CLAIMING THE PROMISE OF HEAVEN!! REJOICE IN HIS PEACE & LOVE OF GOD AND HIS PROMISE FROM HIS LORD OF HEAVEN!!

  7. Cheryl Stainer

    Yesterday, I spent some much needed time away from my family and went to a sewing expo with a friend of mine. This particular friend God allowed me to help her through her very first Bible study. It’s been so exciting to see her grow. With our move we are not close in proximity and I try to keep tabs on what she is learning in the Bible and being as sharp as she is she challenges me in the same way. After I got done sharing with her I thought that what I have learned may be an encouragement to you and your readers.

    My study this year has been on the book of Isaiah. I am only up to the 49th chapter, so I have a ways to go yet. In this book, through the profit Isaiah, God is telling the people of Jerusalem that in a number of years Babylon is going to conquer them and take them into captivity, after about 70 – 80 years (I have forgotten, but he predicts it almost to the day), King Cyrus of Medio Persia is going to come in and take over Babylon in a night and will allow the Judites to return home. So that is the history, a very bleak future. In amongst all of God’s warning he gives them encouragement. In amongst all of this encouragement, I heard God saying to me. “I was there at the beginning of time, I was there when I created Isreal, I was there Cheryl when you were created. I was there when Isreal was going through their tough times and pulled them out, I was there Cheryl when you have gone through your tough times and pulled you out. I am going to be there at the end of times like I said. Cheryl I will be there at the end of your time.” In spite of everything that has been or will be God is there with me. God is right there with you Chris. He is right there with whoever is reading this to you. He is there with all of us, whether we want Him to be or not. HE IS!!!

    As always, praying for you and those around you,


    • Cheryl Stainer

      By the way, archelogically, they have proven that Babylon fell in one night. The leadership did not know what was happening. And Cyrus did become King and released and paid for the Judites to go back to Isreal to rebuild not just their city, but their temple.

  8. Kathy and Steve

    Chris, you continue to amaze us with your faith and joy. We remember how you always took such good care of your little brother here, you looked out for him and made sure he was “in the game” and not getting hurt. Now he has had the opportunity to help you and your family. That turnabout doesn’t happen in all families but God has blessed your family and you have accepted His love and protection. We will continue to pray that your sons will have that same faith as they grow, that they will look out for each other and keep the memory of their Dad fresh in their minds. They say children often equate what God is like to their what their Dad is like. Isn’t that awesome? You are an example they can look up to as they look beyond you to the one who made you who you are. God has blessed you all and us by knowing and following your jouney.

  9. Tina Pauling

    You are an amazing person and have inspired many!! I feel so blessed to know you and be your cousin! The other night I decided to start at the begining of your blog since when I first started visiting it was somewhere in the middle. I came across you talking about the crazy things grandpa lived through and had my son read it. He was amazed and loved reading stories about his great-grandfather, so thanks for sharing that. By reading about grandpa it made be think about how similar you two are in your fight for life! I remember grandpa always being quite the fighter and at the same time being selfless and always making us laugh! I also want to thank you for the reminder that no matter what life throws our way to live each day to the fullest and be thankful for every moment! Do you think you could talk to God and see if he could get an internet connection up there, just think how many hits you blog would get then ;).My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Love ya!
    your cousin

  10. Dawn

    Lol! Only Chris could spend National Colon Cancer Awareness Day smiling and skipping :). Dr Belzer and I wore blue all day in the OR yesterday for all the special people like you. Love ya and God speed!!

  11. Melissa Christenson

    Glad to hear you are getting out and enjoying the winter cold! Thinking about you and the family! Hope you have a lot of fun and laughs today 🙂

  12. Jim and Rebecca

    Hello Chris. We want you to know we are joined with your platoon of friends and “on-the-ground” angels. What a giant faith you have given us and so many! With you we hold tight to the promise, trusting in the journey and knowing the crown waits (Philippians and 2nd Timothy -thanks Dave). We check in via your blog often and send our love to you, Karen, Brenden, Jaxson, Dave & Jill, Karen & Rick, Rhonda, Darrell, and the cloud of witnesses surrounding you. Godspeed. Sisu.
    Jim (2nd-double-cousin) and Rebecca

  13. Dear Chris: What a wonderful witness to all who follow your blog. We
    are Darryl’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Virginia. We are praying for you and your family as you make your way to Heaven. We plan to meet you there, God Bless you.

  14. Nathan

    Chris, this is Sarah’s coworker Nathan. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your joy and peace are evident, even in this trying moment. You are an inspiration. I’m speaking to a church group tonight on the topic of faith in difficult times. Reading the blog just now provides such inspiration. We will be praying for you and your family tonight.

  15. Julie Turner

    Sending prayers today and every day forward. You have all inspired me in many ways. I will pray that the joy & laughter Chris is bringing everyone now will be forever cherished in your hearts.

  16. Jennifer Fischer

    As always it was amazing to see you today! I know your dad enjoys the visits as well and he truly enjoyed being able to stay with you on Thursday night. 🙂
    Today you touched my heart and have given me strength to continue on the spirtual path of life. I love you so much and I am truly lucky to have you as a big brother. I was given a great gift the day you came into my life!
    Love you now and forever,

  17. Marja Wiinanen

    What to say to a cousin that you have been “stalking”. I will start by saying that I have enjoyed your blog. It has been inspirational. I can feel the peace that you are feeling right now. I was trying to think about when the last time I saw you was. It was at your Grandpa’s funeral. I wasn’t sure what to say to you then. I think it was the finnish side of me coming out. The I will look at you and you will know exactly everything I want to say so I don’t have to say it out loud. Since you are a 10 on the extrovert side you might not know what I mean! Before that I think it was probably one of the family reunions that was at my grandparents house. Those were a lot of fun. Anyway I wanted to say something as inspirational to you as you have done for me and others but the words escape me. You have lived an amazing life and are an example for us all. Sending you love and prayers.

  18. Pat Trautman

    Chris, It is so good to see you smiling in the picture. You have cast your net far and wide, you have truly been a “fisher of men” (and women). I am still praying for that miracle in your life. Don’t lose hope. God isn’t finished using you yet. He is using you thru this blog much more than you realize.

  19. Alicia Hunt-Welch

    Hello Chris and Karen. I will readily admit… I am one of your quiet stalkers 🙂 I often check in to see how your day is and read your update. But posting a message has been more difficult, as I’ve been too moved to type the “right” words into this box. But today I just had to say one thing – Your picture speaks a thousand words, all very powerful. Although we have never met, I think you are officially my new hero! (The tears are starting to roll now.) You see, both my husband Rex and I have watched siblings fight with cancer. We’re also seen close friends battle the beast. Too many of those people we know had, for lack of a better way to say this…let cancer over take them. The joy was stripped from their lives, they gave up, gave in, their last months and days were lived in gloom and misery. Not often enough was there a smile and it seemed they were gone long before they took their last breath. But Chris, your blogs, and the comments about how your have lived – are astounding. You will be remember by all you know, and all who know who you are, as a person who truly lived every moment in the best way. That is one of the most precious gifts you could give to those who love you. It is obvious God has blessed you in so very many ways. You, Karen and your family are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for posting the picture. You have a beautiful smile…And your are definitely representing MN well in that sweatshirt! You’re the Man!
    (Karen’s high school classmate)

  20. brenda bowman

    hi chris, i am your autie deanna’s sister, we were in their wedding together, i love you and pray for you, you have inspired many people, i will see you again later in life, love you , brenda

  21. Cindy Maier

    Thinking of you and sending prayers your way…

  22. chris vigardt

    Rachael and I, along with our boys are lifting you and your family up in prayer.

  23. Becky (Koskela) Greenly

    If we could all pick our angels! I would pick you! Too be with my unborn son who will be here in just 6 short weeks. I feel excitement and this time can’t come soon enough! But yet sadden to think yours is to end here on earth. I pray for you and your strong family as they lose such a wonderful person in there life. But feel the joy for whomever will gain such a strong, courageous “angel” to watch over them! Sending Love to you and your family!!! Becky ( your cousin)

  24. Jill (Strecker) Moosbrugger

    Hi Chris-
    I worked with both you ad Karen at Proex. I have very found memories of your wonderful smile, and unending kindness. I have both of you and your families in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you continue to find joy and peace as you go through this journey. It is amazing to hear about all the support and love that so many have for you. It is even more amazing to hear about the love and passion you give back. Your faith is truly inspiring.
    God Bless.

  25. Miriam Ring

    Hi Chirs, I am glad I got to visit with you the other night. It was amazing to watch you contiue to work the room, checking in with every person who came to visit you! Like many of the rest of your ‘stalkers’ I have been so impressed with the postivie witness of this blog. I have long known you as a good man, husband, father and boss, but what I didn’t know about was your awesome faith and spiritual depth. Thank you for sharing that faith as you have done so many times during this journey!!! God’s blessings to you, Karen and the boys!

  26. Paula Town

    Chris and Karen –

    I have been sitting here for 5 minutes – not sure what to say. I want to tell you how you have impacted my life. When someone entrusts their children to you and says, “Be there for them,” it comes with a great deal of responsibility and graciousness on the part of the care giver. In choosing me to be a part of the boys’ life and your life too you fill my heart and spirit. This is the gift you have given to me. Thank you.

  27. Jo Ann kirkman

    Hi Chris and Karen,
    I wanted to take the time to send a note and say hi because as always lately i am thinking of you both.
    I want to come visit but my work schedule at the hospital is not permitting me to do so. I have alot of great memories of my proex years and funny but you and karen were there with me most of that time. you both put up with alot of stuff from me. i remember a review karen did on me one time stating she thought i was a strong person and she did not know if she could be that way. you are far stronger than i dear girl and so is chris. just know you are both deeply in my thoughts.
    love and prayers joann neal kirkman

  28. Dave Klinsmann

    Hi Chris,
    I must confess to being one of your “card carrying blogger stalkers”, checking for updates multiple times throughout the day. I got up this morning and proceeded to log in for the daily update (with my wife reading over my shoulder) and we found ourselves laughing outloud with your “skipping” out the door response to the slippery sidewalks. She said, I didn’t know Chris had such a good sense of humor, and I said, “that’s the Chris I know!” Thanks for the photo update too Chris. Hang in there buddy. Love you and miss you. Dave K

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