Sunday (3/6) Update

This is Sarah again tonight.  Today I asked Chris what he would like me to post on the blog, so most of what you’ll read here is what Chris wanted you to know.

Chris’s friends Randy and Mike Lish stayed with him on Saturday night.  Sounds like Chris was up quite a bit throughout the night wanting to chat with Randy.  He was very appreciative that Pastor Pat and her husband came to visit this morning and provided a private church service for him.  Chris was able to eat a few small meals and get out for a few walks again today (he leapt out the door again), and he also noted that he was able to shower.  His pain is under control, but he is hoping to go get his abdomen drained at the hospital tomorrow.  He will likely not know until mid-morning if he’ll be able to get in to get drained tomorrow – if he does, we will try to post something to the blog so anyone planning to visit knows to postpone.

Chris has really enjoyed all of the visitors and would love to have more!  (Frankly, he’s such a social butterfly, we think he’s starting to get a little bored during “non-visitor” times, so he really looks forward to his social time with visitors).  So just as a reminder, the best time to visit is either from 12 – 2 pm or 6 – 8 pm.  Please note that 4 – 6 pm is reserved for Karen, Brenden and Jaxson.

Speaking of Chris’s social side, his friend Steve Lish was telling us tonight that in college, they referred to Chris as the “human rain delay” because anytime they were walking around campus, Chris would stop t0 talk to anyone and everyone, so his more introverted friends were always left waiting for him.

So it’s no surprise that Chris is also making friends with the other residents at The Lodge.  Tonight he was overhead telling one of the other residents that they should “break out” and meet up at a rendezvous point!

Chris also watched a little bit of the NASCAR race on TV today – early on in the race, he told us his driver is Carl Edwards – he said he likes him because he seems like a nice, young guy with just enough fire in his belly.  Sure enough, Carl Edwards won the race today.

Thanks again for your blog comments, prayers, thoughts, visits and general support!   The support for Chris has been beyond amazing, but we’ve also been touched by all the support for all of Chris’s family members as well.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarah  (on behalf of Chris’s family)




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10 responses to “Sunday (3/6) Update

  1. Ernie and Carmen

    Chris, you are amazing!!
    We are thanking God for another day for you, your family and friends.
    God Bless You!!
    Love, Carmen & Ernie

  2. Michele Balvin

    Thanks for keeping up the blog Chris’ family! When my day calms down I check it and always feel uplifted (and often laugh) from the days entry. Chris, you are a blessed man indeed. Your support system is amazing, your spirit is beyond amazing.

  3. Dawn Heller

    I am at methodist all day on monday. Let me know if you want company or you or the family need anything if you make it in for your procedure.
    Love and Prayers,

  4. Jeannie

    Chris, I was lucky to spend the last 2+ years sharing an office with you, and now I’m lucky to be able to visit you and continue to enjoy your friendship. You have amazing family and friends who are there for you 100 percent, 24/7.
    At work I watched you lose your hair, lose weight, work with a chemo bottle attached, work exhausted, work in pain, but NEVER did I see you lose your faith in God. Your faith just got stronger and stronger. You always gave your best to your job, co-workers, friends & family, always thinking of others first, and always with your charm and wonderful smile. You are a rock, a giant in spirit, with sisu up the wazoo, and I admire you more than I can say. I’m amazed at the depth of your strength and the goodness of your heart. I’m going to take what I learned from you forward into the rest of my life.
    And if the miracle cure doesn’t come, it must be because God needs you in Heaven for a special reason. Remember you promised to meet me at the gates of Heaven. I love you and I’ll see you on the other side.

  5. karla summers

    Hey Chris ,
    its your couzin Karla Renee, I was meaning to write to you awhile ago….
    but the words just never seemed to be what i wanted to say. I really wanted to come see u but with work and not being able to drive that far, its not gonna happen.Thats probably a good thing cuz i’d just be cryin’ the whole time i was there, and thats not what you need right now.
    I read your blogs and the comments,and i find myself laughing, crying,happy , angery at
    times ….just aflood of many mixed emotions with-in a half hour. I am so happy that you are getting the chance to talk to all the people and have an affect on so many lives around you, having the peace and humor you do and sharing it with us all. I’ve been really missing Shyanne and wish I would have been able to tell her how much i loved her and how special she was, i await my time that i too can go home and hold her in my arms again…if you could do me the favor letting her know that i love her and miss her that would awesome. In our lives we learn many lesson to late , to tell my kids i love them and how special they are was one of them. My heart goes out to your mom and dad, and to your wife and kids, and your brother and sister. With Shyanne gone I have a big emptiness in my heart, i just cant seem to make any smaller. I have been rembering back to when we were kids… just a few of them, putting watermeleon rines on the electric fence for Glassmans pigs to squeal – i have pics of you doing my hair at grams when we had that big sleep over – all the times we came to Bemidji, i seen my 1st movie in the theatre with you(rocky 3) and the 1st time roller skating was with you. You introduced me too that one friend of yours(cant remember his name) but i thought he was the love of my life. lol This is getting pretty long, thanks for being such a great couzin and i expect you will have another 1st for me to try when I see up there. Say hi to mom and gram for me. Love ya , Karla Renee oxoxo

  6. Kelley

    I am one your new stalkers on the blog. I went to college with Sarah and just recently learned of your battle and your blog. I have gone back and read some older posts and am just amazed by your journey of faith and the peace you have with everything. Your writing is as beautiful as your faith. The nurse in me is praying that you are surrounded by wonderful caregivers.

  7. Elissa Schley

    This is Stan Koskela’s (Stepdaughter). Stan has shared your story and your fight with us. You are truly an amazing person and your blog has touched me in so many ways. I have two young children and my oldest of the two Isabel has been praying with me for your, your wife, children and family. I tried to explain to her what cancer is and why God needs an angel like you in Heaven. May you continue your fight as long as you are able and know how many people you have touched.
    God bless you and your family!
    Elissa Schley & Family

  8. ShaRae Wren

    Chris, Karen and family,

    I continue to pray for you and your family while you continue your journey. I am thinking of all the memoies and fun times I had working for you at Pro-Ex. You were one of my favoite managers ever. I have lost way to may family and friends to this horrible desease that I am very invovled with the Relay for Life and I will honor you this year as I walk. I want to thank you for my memories of you and wish your family peace and memories until you meet again.

  9. Chandra Joki

    Chris, you are beyond what words can explain. Amazing is just not enough! You are a peaceful, selfless fighter and have taught me so much. You have made an emotional time for so many, some how a little bit easier to understand. We are always thinking about you:)

  10. Beth and Barb

    Chris, Karen & Boy,
    WE pray that God would give you the strength & keep your positive attitude during this hard time. We love you & are continuing to pray for you daily !!
    Love & Prayers,
    Barb & Beth Smith

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