Quick Notice

Chris is very nauseous today and needs to stay in bed.   We are not sure if it is the stomach flu.  The nurses have said he needs to stay in bed and only one visitor at a time and to keep visits to 5 minutes.  Visitors need to speak quietly.  Absolutely no visitors if he is sleeping. 

Thank you.




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8 responses to “Quick Notice

  1. Roxanne

    I want to thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your journey. I cannot even remotely speak what my heart feels for you and your family. What a strong family bond! With love to you all and prayers sent your way.

  2. Matt Phelps

    I agree with what Roxanne said, thank you all so much for bringing us along on this journey. What a strong man and role model we have in Mr Chris Baty! Will always love you Chris! God Bless!

  3. The Buckmeier's

    To Chris and family,

    I have been hesitant to comment, as my life was touched by you for a brief 20 minute time last fall. But, I would like you to know that our family has looked here daily to see how you and your family are doing. Call it inspiring, call it love, call it sadness – we have felt obligated that in some way you, Karen, and your sons know that brief moments can touch people for a lifetime. As we left Ash Wednesday service, our departing song was “Go and Make a Difference”. Just know I thought of you upon walking away from church that evening as the song was continuing. Our wish, especially after going through a similar situation years ago, is that you and your family know that your reach and impact are far. You have left an imprint, which is a gift you have provided us, and for which we are sincerely grateful. To the Baty’s and the Stratton’s – thank you and our thoughts are with you – Jason

  4. joann nealkirkman

    hi karen and chris. to show what a small world it is, when i went to work last nite, i work the alzheimers/hospice ward at regina med center in hastings, my friend marlene, who is a nurse had picked up a shift. well here it turns out she is one of chris’s night nurses at the lodge. she said she works sunday nite so i told her to squeeze chris for me since i can’t make it there to visit.
    i shared some good proex stories with her.
    well, just wanted to send my love and prayers to you all.
    know i am thinking of you always.

  5. Audrey and Dave Costello

    Please give Chris our love and prayers. We wish he and his family only the best always. Chris has mentioned he misses the church services. If he is up and ready to watch something he should check out Pastor Bills most recent letter to the congregation in which Carolyn Kranz and her husband spoke on a weekend in February. She too has stage 4 cancer and a wonderful testimony like Chris. If you would like me to forward a link let me know.

  6. Suzy

    Chris and family

    I am praying for all of you. God bless and I hope you get a good nights sleep.

    Suzy and Marissa Welch

  7. Gina

    Wishing u a peaceful painfree nite Chris,family and friends. Hugs and love to you all. In my every thought and prayer…even while here in a WI brewery!!!!

  8. Aimee Nelsen

    Hi Chris –

    You probably don’t remember me all too well, as we first met over 4 years ago. You knew me as Aimee Fornes, and helped me to get hired on with Varsity Photos. I wanted to let you know I appreciate your help with that, as I’m still with that company and love what I do. I also do pre-school photography as well as run my own photography business from my house, so thank you for replying to the email from the girl from Michigan who wanted to move out to Minnesota to pursue her photography career 🙂

    I actually was sent the link to your blog by Ken, so I’ve been following your difficult journey over the last couple of months, and continue to pray for your peace in knowing that God has everything under control. Your little boys are beyond precious, and I pray for them during this time as well.

    Thanks for everything, Chris! See you again one day 🙂


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