Monday night update

This is Sarah again tonight.

Chris continues to fight, however he has been unresponsive since last night,  aside from a few purposeful blinks when his friend Chuck was praying over him and a special wink for Jaxson tonight.

Last night while Karen and my mom stayed with Chris, my dad and my husband Pete and I stayed with Brenden and Jaxson.  When Jaxson went to bed, he told me it was time for prayers, so I just wanted to share his prayer with everyone – “I pray for safe travels, for a good day tomorrow, for forgiving sins, for good dreams, and for having each other”.

It’s obviously been an emotional and difficult time for us, but we are so grateful to have so many family members surrounding Chris and also extremely grateful that we “have each other” (including all of you).

With Love,




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12 responses to “Monday night update

  1. Randy & Kelli

    Thanks for the update Sarah. Have been thinking about you guys constantly. Prayers for the immediate family–stay strong, and of course for my buddy, everybody’s buddy, sir Chris.

  2. Claudine Manor

    Sarah and family – I, like many others, have held to the words written daily by you, Dave and others. I cannot express the sadness I feel for all of you, yet the solace in knowing that Chris has done his best to spread his love and faith and make this as bearable as possible. I certainly wish you all the love and blessings to get through this difficult time. Please know you all are always in our thoughts and if there is ANYTHING we can do, we certainly will do our best to do it. Love, Claudine, Mike, Mad and Max

  3. Dave, Maria, and Family

    Thanks for the update.
    Thank you again for being such a wonderful example to us all. You continue to amaze us with your strenght and wit in these difficult times. Your faith and trust in God have drawn us all closer to Him and we thank you for that. May God bless you and continue comfort you. I would like to share a couple of my favorite songs with you. Maybe one of your scribes can play these for you tomorrow via iPod or something.
    -Hillsong United: “From the Inside Out”
    -Michael w Smith: “Majesty”
    Rest well my friend and brother.
    Love you, Dave

  4. Matt Phelps

    “A special wink for Jaxson” !! That is Chris, making someone else feel better doing what he can when he can with all his strength as he always has and will! A MAN of all men to look up to! My prayers and thanks go out to all who keep up this great spirit with all of us who cannot be there. I will never be able to thank you enough. Matt

  5. Heather Tidd

    What a beautiful prayer and a beautiful family!
    Thinking of you all and praying…

  6. Nancy wolf

    Many tears ,may you all find find peace. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  7. Patty Winkels

    Thinking of you all and praying for peace. My prayer book led me to this verse this morning
    Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.
    I truly believe there will be a choir of angels ready and waiting to welcome Chris home.

  8. Eaine

    Everday some time 2-3 time I open your web. Ipray for you all. My heart is so broken to see all the sad time you all are going threw. But the great rock you all have become. Sometime we don’t understand why God. Look at the great closness that you all have become. I’m so proud of you and I am praying for you all . God Bless We love you all so much.

  9. Paula

    What a perfect prayer! I continue to pray for you all – now I have the best words too – thanks to Jaxson!
    Peace to all of you,

  10. PAT

    This incredible journey that has inspired us all to live our own lives full of passion & purpose AS WE HAVE WATCHED OUR BELOVED CHRIS LIVE HIS PERCIOUS LIFE WITH UNSPEAKABLE & UNWAVERING FAITH ! I want to thank Chris for the sharing of some of the most compassionate,loving, loyal,giving family(THE BATY’S,ALL OF THE STRATTONS(9) I have ever had the pleasure to meet. This family for over 3 years has never wavered in their love and support in everyway you can think of!!

    This unbelieveable family each one of them has surrounded Chris with the love that has passed all understanding from us mortal folks. EACH ONE OF YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS AS ALL OF YOU FACE THIS UNSPEAKABLE LOSS!! HOWEVER I DO KNOW THAT EACH OF YOU HAS A VERY SPECIAL PLACE IN heaven one day!! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! EACH OF YOU IS A TRUE HERO IN MY EYES!!!

  11. Greg Strock

    Chris and Karen,

    To two of my favorite former bosses. Thank you for letting me into you lives these past couple of years as you’ve both struggled through this. I’m so thankful for your perspectives and friendship. Thank you for letting me come over whenever I’ve been back in the US. It was an honor to be able to pray with you both.

    Karen, I am praying that God would be a Father to you and that Christ would be a husband to you. I am praying that you find hope in the midst of your pain. I am praying that your boys would grow to understand God as their Father.

    Chris, you are receiving the reward that we are longing for. You have modeled praying boldly for something and trusting God for the results. You have honored Christ with your life. Thank you for teaching me about that.


  12. Julie Turner (Dave's co-worker)

    I can’t help but continue to read this blog and wish for a miracle. You are all in my heart.

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