Another Day

It always seems interesting to me when your life is being drastically altered,  that things just keep moving along.  The garbage still needs to go out, the car still needs gas, the homework still needs to get done.  Something inside of you has just been flipped upside down, but you still need to go walk the dog.   This is even more evident when you have children (especially my schedule obsessive eldest) that life goes on, despite the fact that Chris is no longer with us.  Tonight, I will be doing a word hunt and reading a book about reptiles, along with bath time and snuggle time-shortly followed by prayer time.  It seems somehow odd to me that I am planning  a funeral one minute, and I’m  sweeping the floor the next.  Just some food for thought.





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21 responses to “Another Day

  1. Laurie Thulien

    Oh Karen, If you ever want someone to come sweep the floor with you, I will. And we can talk, share memories and send Chris some smiles!
    Love and prayers,

  2. Jeanie Johnson

    I totally agree with you. Why can’t the dust bunnies just go into hiding for awhile, the garbage not stick for awhile and you just take care of yourself for awhile? It seems so strange when your world has stopped everyone elses’s just keeps going same old, same old. Many prayers for you and your boys. May God Grant you the peace that goes beyond all understanding today, tomorrow and for every. JJ

  3. Kellie Bauer

    I wonder if the busy-ness of every day life is actually God helping us heal without us knowing it. Sending you and the boys a big hug! Kellie

  4. Kelli

    I guess those mundane distractions force us to go forward and prevents us from just curling into a ball. Kids are good at that. Still sending you peace and hugs until I see you on Friday.

  5. Miriam Ring

    Thanks for continuing to post on this site – I have been obsessively checking this site for the past month (yes, several times a day), so I just automatically checked tonight. It may not seem fair or right that life goes on, but it does – I wish I had something more profound to write, but I don’t.

    Wishing you God’s peace, lots of love and comfort at this time.

  6. Aunt Val & Eli

    Hi Karen,
    I’m like the posting above, automatically checking the blog. Then I was excited that you had posted something tonight. Thank you. Thank God for kids and a great routine.
    Take Care
    Love & Hugs

  7. David & Michelle

    We automatically look at it daily too. You need anything Michelle and I are here for you. We continue sending you, the boys and chris our love prayers and of course smiles :).
    David, Michelle and Liz 🙂

  8. Jon & Cindy

    Your post captures what so many are probably thinking. Yesterday I was running errands & just stopped to think about that exact thing. My life in Bemidji just keeps going on when the lives of people I really care about are falling apart – and yet must keep moving forward. Your strength and character are amazing. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy

  9. Nancy wolf

    Find comfort in your children. That’s what keeps you moving forward. My daughter has always kept me going. It does seem weird and rather trivial to do the every day stuff, when your world is upside down, but it’s the Lords way of keeping you going.
    Payees and hugs for you and the boys.

  10. Kathy and Steve

    We understand what you are saying. Life interferes with grief and yet life is what keeps us moving one step forward at a time. A long time ago a friend was driving to Fargo as her son was being airlifted there with third degree burns. She saw children playing and people mowing their lawns. Normal activities and wondered how they could be doing that. When my dad died I was grocery shopping and wanted to scream that my dad had died because this was a normal activity that no longer felt normal. God is there for you at those times. There will be lots of those times. Hang onto Him with all your might, rest in Him when you need rest, count on Him to walk this path right beside you. He knows you better than you know yourself and He knows what your needs are, He knows when you need Him most. And we will pray for you and your boys. Children survive by routine, it is their security. God will help you as you already well know. We all have talked of Chris’ faith, now it is your faith that will bring this family through the dark times.

  11. Vickie Van Kempen-Grieme

    You are so right Karen. Just when we think the world revolves around our grief do we see that it doesn’t. When our life feels like it has stopped we look around and realize that it really hasn’t. You know that Chris needs you to keep forging ahead for you and the kids as I believe this is what he would wish for you. Please call me anytime to pray, talk, babysit, anything honey, I’m only a phone call away. Hugs, Vickie

  12. ShaRae


    You and your family are in my thougths and prayers. I agree that the kids will keep you “grounded” and the “chores” will keep your mind on other things, but make sure you take time for yourself…

  13. Jeannie

    Karen, even though I haven’t had a chance to get to know you very well (other than visiting at The Lodge), if you ever need help grocery shopping, running errands, walking the dog, or watching the guys I’d be more than happy. My “baby” moved out last month and I’d love to have some little boys to play with…especially yours and Chris’s.
    Love and peace to you and the family.

  14. Mickey


    You right on task at this point for your life. You will think at a time Oh! my how can I do this and it is time to rush out the door for one of the kids and you do and do and do. This is were God gives you more strength. But do ask for help there is nothing wrong in doing that, till you get into your routine of life, it will be done. And you can pat your
    self on the back and say I did it and you will. Do take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Thinking of you and your family.


  15. Julie Stratton

    Karen – I appreciate your posting as I have thought about you and the boys alot. Maybe getting back into a somewhat normal routine will help you work through the days ahead. I’m sure the Brenden and Jaxson consume many minutes and hours of your day, this can also be good therapy for you. As it is through them that you will feel Chris’s presence. Don’t forget to take time just for you – Love You Aunt Julie

  16. Deb Reindl

    In another couple of weeks, those everyday routines and activities with the boys are what will keep you going. It is a reason to look forward, to have no choice but to smile. Those boys will be your biggest comfort and saving grace as you start the process of moving forward. As strange as it may seem to be doing mundane tasks, it is a testiment to the fact that your life continues. Chris will be greatly missed, but he will be right there smiling back at you each time one of those boys smiles. Cherish it. Take strength from it. Know that each time you see those boys smile, Chris just hugged you.
    When my brother died, someone was explaining to my young niece that God needed my brother to draw in the clouds (he was quite the artist). Now, 20 years later, I still have to smile and think of him everytime I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Find that for yourself and the boys.


  17. Melanie Ristow

    Hi Karen,
    I too want to thank you for the post. I can’t even imagine having to take care of the kids, do the grocery shopping, cleaning the house and going on with life when it seems as though it fell apart right before your eyes. God and your boys will be your strength and he will be forever with you because of that.
    I don’t know you well, however, if you need help with meals or walking the dog or doing grocery shopping for you I would be more than happy to drop off a meal or do something for you.
    Your unselfishness and love shows.. your post the other day when you had to tell the sad news that Chris had passed on and you were already thanking people for their outpooring love and support. It speaks volumes of your faith and your love.

  18. Chandra Joki

    Karen………..thanks for the post. I also have been checking it daily and have felt I have gotten to know you a little better through reading the blog. You have shown so much strength. It’s not anything I could comprehend but you are doing an amazing job through it all. Your boys are so lucky to have a mom like you! 🙂

  19. Cindy Yarrington

    Hi, Karen! It might seem unfair some days that the world is going on like nothing happen, meanwhile your life is changed forever…But going on doesn’t mean that you are forgetting Chris. (My father died when I was 8 and my mother was 35, so right now some of the things you and the boys are going through are close to my heart.) It’s good to smile, it’s good to laugh…it’s good to live. We continue to pray for you all.

  20. Angie Nordquist

    This has got to be the most unfair thing about grieving. It seems as though everyone’s life goes on as normal, and you are stuck in this nightmare struggling to get through each day. I can’t even imagine the pain that this has brought to you and your beautiful family, just remember that some days the dishes can wait. Take care of you!

  21. Denim Peterson

    I will keep it simple Karen-I am thinking of you, I am thinking of Chris, and I am thinking of your boys. I am humbled by your grace and strength-just remember that it is ok if you aren’t always strong and full of peace.
    -Sending love-

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