The Kindness of Children

I just have a little post tonight.  Jaxson returned to school(Brenden hasn’t missed a day this week).  The teachers have both been wonderful with both the boys.  And of course the kids have been amazing with the boys also.  Some of the children have made Brenden and Jaxson sympathy cards and it is just so touching.  Despite  the fact that the boys don’t really want to talk about their father’s death yet, they really appreciated the cards they received from their friends.  The cards are so simply phased, but lovingly to the point, it brings tears to your eyes.  I’d just like to throw out a big “Thank you!” to all the kids who took the time to do this for their friend.   And “Thank you!” to the teachers who have been so terrific during this painful time in Brenden and Jaxson’s life.  It’s nice for them to get cards from people their age.  

Have a good night!




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4 responses to “The Kindness of Children

  1. Dan

    Karen, thank you for posting. It was good hear your voice yesterday. Your boys can and will find support from their friends and so should you. After all that what friends are for.
    Love Dan

  2. Marja Wiinanen

    I am glad that you are still leaving some posts. I was 13 when my Mom died and my sister was 8. We balled our eyes out the first day and that night. Then the party and celebration of her life began with three seperate services in different parts of Minnesota. As a kid my sister and I had a great time with everyone around. I remember telling my Dad at that time that if just felt like Mom was on vacation. It wasn’t until she should have been back from vacation that it hit again that she was gone. And then again when it was the first day of school again. All those little mile stones that she should have been there for. It is the strangest thing how it just will hit you out of the blue. One of the great things that I had was a wonderful community that supported us and loved my Mother. I know the boys have that too.

  3. PAT

    There is thread that runs through all of the worlds great wisdom teachings and religions,crossing the barriers of time,place and cultue. THE THREAD IS KINDNESS!! COMPASSION IN ACTION

  4. Michele Balvin

    It’s so nice to hear the words “The Kindness of Children” rather than the more common term “Kids can be so cruel”. Thanks for sharing!

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