Bowling with Angels

For those of you who live in the south metro, Saturday night was pretty loud.  Our first thunderstorm of the season started around 11:20 p.m.(at least when I woke up to a big bang.)  If anyone read the comments from the last post, Carter Lempola had told his mom that Chris was probably pretty tired on Sunday morning from all the bowling he did with the angels(as his parents had told him thunder was really angels bowling.)  I thought that was interesting as I had a similer thought when I awoke a few times during the night to the thunderstorm.  My thought was Chris was bowling with his Grandma Baty.  It’s a little known fact, at least to many folks in the Twin Cities metro area, that Chris was a closet bowler.  He had his own ball, which had the name Bernice on it.  Bernice was his Grandma Baty, and he had her bowling ball.  Just a side note, he had his own shoes also.  He lovingly took care of his ball and had it shined everytime we went bowling.  When we bowled, he talked to his ball-  “Come on Bernice, get ’em all for me!” 

So on Saturday night\Sunday morning , as I lay in bed listening to it storm, I thought “There’s Chris and Bernice having a blast bowling the night away!”  Although at one point I was wishing they’d wrap the game up so I could get some sleep- they were getting a little wild.  I wondered if they shared the ball with Bernice’s name on it, or got their own new shiny balls.  I also had a thought of what Chris would call his ball as he was bowling with Bernice.  I bet Bernice won,as she’s had more practice in recent years.  The last time Chris bowled was with the kids and myself and we had the bumpers up.  Chris thought the bumpers were awesome as he started banking his ball off the bumpers to get many spares. I’m sure no matter if they used the bumpers or the same ball, I’m sure they had a great time.

I heard on the weather report that tomorrow night may be another thunderstorm, so I’m guessing it’s “game on!” for Chris and Grandma Baty.  I hope they have fun.

Sweet Dreams!




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15 responses to “Bowling with Angels

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the story. It is great to read your words.
    Game On!

  2. Dan

    One more thing. You should know that Awsome Tom and I bowled on a team called “Strike Force”. I got my own ball, shoes, shirt and jacket. I hope some day Chris and Grandma Baty let me and Grandpa Hunter roll a game.

  3. Miriam Ring

    Hmmm…..I must have been very tired on Saturday night, because i didn’t hear any of the bowling action!! Thanks for sharing, Karen! FYI, I am still up early in the morning, and I don’t go to work until 9:30, so if you still have my number, I’m always up for a chat!

  4. Holly Merschman

    I don’t know you karen, but you and your family have captured my heart. Sooo stikin’ funny. I will be one of your loyal “stockers”. I look forward to walking out this life with you through this blog, hoping that you will keep this going for years to come. My oldest daughter brookelynn (4) and I have made this blog part of our norm. We pray for you and she asks about chris, you and the boys. I forgot to tell her that there was bowling in heaven…she thought that was sooo neat! Pretty sure from now on when we hear thunder, she will tell me that chris is bowling again. 🙂

  5. Shari Och

    Love it! Thanks for sharing a great story!

  6. Beth Gould

    Thanks for sharing Karen! I hope it was a close match!? I too will smile when I hear thunder from now on. All my love and thoughts are with you and the boys.

    Beth Gould

  7. Kent and Joy

    Karen, I must confess, I was feeling low this morning. Your post really gave me a lift. Great job! Come on Chris get another strike! Kent

  8. PAT

    Karen, Thank you for such a great lift in sprits for all of us !!! I think I loved it so much because it came from you . Along with Chris being in heaven bowling we love hearing that from you. You are now our new inspiration you are doing a stupendous job & as always we all can not wait to hear from you !! WE ALWAYS KNEW CHRIS HAD A HECK OF AN AMAZING WOMEN AS HIS WIFE!!!

  9. Donna, Rick, & James

    Keep up the great writing Karen and please keep writing from your heart. You, Chris, and the boys are a great inspiration for our family. Thank you for taking us on your faith walk. We are praying for you and the boys every day and James is telling of your faith to others and many more pray together with him for your family. James says he is here if Jaxson wants to sit in the snow ( or now mud) and talk any time. Also, James loved that Jaxson took him on a tour of Hosanna…he wants to come with your family to church some Sunday. James also would like to have a play date if the boys are up to it. Just let us know. God Bless You and Stay Strong.

  10. Alicia Hunt-Welch

    Hi Karen, I can just see Chris bowling with that ball right now! Brought a smile to my face. You have to tell me…was “Bernice” pink? Cuz if that was a pink bowling ball, that would be the greatest image ever 🙂
    Little known fact my husband Rex has a bowling ball, engraved with the name “Rex” and a picture of a dinosaur – kind of pinkish orange in color 🙂 Needless to say it doesn’t get out much…but it was a fantastic gift!
    Always in my thoughts,

  11. The service at Hosanna by pastor Bill featuring Chris prominently is now posted online! Several of the Lishes attended the service on Sunday–maybe others of you were there. We were sitting in the balcony of Hosanna in a nearly packed house. The lead pastor weaved Chris’s testimony into his series on courage, and played a clip of Chris when he spoke at the church on Thanksgiving Eve. You could’ve heard a pin drop as everyone was focused on the video screens and pastor Bill talked about Chris and his service the day before. There were not many dry eyes in the building–partly from the sadness around Chris dying, but mostly from the strength of his testimony and the overall message. WOW! It really was something to see!

    Put on some headphones and reserve 38 minutes to watch this as soon as you can. If you want to fast forward to the last third of the service when it focuses on Chris, start around 28 min 45 sec. It’s more effective in the context of the whole message, so try to watch all of it if you can.

    Here’s the link…..

  12. Stacy

    While you and I have never met, I already know you are a very strong heart. You have kept this blog going even through your pain, knowing that others need it (maybe as much as you) I think you think about others before yourself and we ALL Love You for that!

  13. karla summers

    I never knew Chris had gram’s ball, gram and gramp started us all at
    a young age rolling the ball between our legs. I remember so much from when we were little, it bothers me we were not closer now all grown up. I guess we all have new lives and live further apart and don’t get together as often as when my gram was alive. After her passing the family sure fell apart, it’s sad cuz we would have gotten to know eachother. My heart goes out to you and the boys, death is so hard, we do make it through but for me the hole is still so big( shyannes death was almost 7 yrs.ago but it seems as just yersterday, and this june she’d be 16, breaks my heart to think of my lil girl all grown up and not knowing what she’d look like.) There are goin to be many days what if’s will come up, try not to put alot of thought into it, for it will drive you nuts, i know all to well. If you ever feel like talking let me know and i’ll give you my number, i know you have alot of support close by and my not need anymore, so i won’t push myself on you.

    hugs and prayers, chris’s couz karla renee

  14. Jeannie G

    Thanks Randy, for posting the link to the service. It was an uplifting message from the pastor, and it was so wonderful to see our Chris “in person” and hear his voice again. I forgot that Hosanna services are online. I’ll continue to watch them because they’re GOOD, and because Chris loved Hosanna and Hosanna loved Chris, and I think it would make him very happy to know that people are watching.
    I’m sure he would have been very excited about the Vikes this year with Leslie Frazier as coach, after hearing what pastor Bill had to say about him. Since I shared an office with Chris at Pictura, he’d talk football to me, because I was there and there wasn’t always a guy handy. I watch football but I’m not the best person to discuss all the details about the players & coaches with…not quite that knowledgeable to say the least! But of course he was great to talk with about anything, and I learned (and forgot) a lot of football trivia and had fun in the process.

    Karen, thanks for the story about Chris and his bowling ball. I can just imagine it. I didn’t know he liked to bowl, and I never knew you proposed to him (smart woman that you are) and I love hearing these little unknown (to me) stories.

    I have to admit as I go through the motions of work and life this last week I do feel depressed about the world, needless death, Japan, the middle east and that Chris isn’t here in body anymore. I know time will help…it’s a process.

    Karen, you’re on my mind all the time. Whenever the distractions of the day stop for a minute I think about you and the boys, and hope you’re coping and finding comfort from all the people who love you. Also I think about Chris’s parents & siblings & old friends, and your family, and pray for comfort for all of them too. It’s a rough time.

    And I hope to deliver those Legos to Brenden & Jaxson soon…

  15. Nancy wolf

    What a nice memory the boys will have. My mother always told me the angels were bowling when there was a thunderstorm. It made me feel better.
    Thanks for sharing. I think of you every day. You and the boys are in my prayers.

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