Photos of Chris

This slideshow, set to music picked out by Chris, was played at the funeral. We wanted to share it with all of you.



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4 responses to “Photos of Chris

  1. Jeanie Johnson

    Thank you for sharing that video. Very, very beautiful and of course made me cry. Still sending prayers your way for you and the boys. God’s peace.

  2. Paula

    Thanks for your updates Karen. It’s good to hear about your daily lives – and that you are coping as well as can be imagined.
    I had a “Chris at his desk” moment when I came to work the other day – as I walked towards the building, I could see him sitting at his desk and greeting me. It was so nice to start a workday with a welcoming smile from Chris.
    Yeah, we’re getting used it, but we sure miss him.
    Take care,

  3. Kim Nicholas


    My name is Kim Nicholas and I used to work at Proex, many years ago (95-96), with Chris. I came across his page on the White Funeral Home website and I was shocked to see he had passed on. Chris was easily the best boss I have ever had in my life (and I have had many!), and I will always remember how generous, happy, funny and kind he was. My condolences to you, his sons, and your entire family. Here is a pic of him with our crew back in 1996, thought you might like to see it: (im the goof in the hat in the front row).

    May his photographs be your comfort,

  4. Jeannie G.

    Thanks Karen, for sharing the beautiful pictures. He had a wonderful life.
    Like Paula, I had a moment at work this week. I had a question that was going to take a few minutes to research and figure out, and I thought, oh I’ll just call Chris, he’ll know the answer. It’s weird how you can forget for a second. We sure do miss him. Thinking of and praying for you and the family…

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