Happy Weekend to you all! I cute little post tonight. Brenden and I were driving home from a store the other day. I cut my hand and started bleeding. I started looking around the car for the first aid kit. I was getting upset because I had bought 2 first aid kits and put them in both vechicles, and Chris kept taking them out because he thought the kits were always in the way and “what do we need first aid kits in our cars for?” I always told him “Duh, two kids!”
Well, as I was looking and not finding the kit, I said to Brenden, “You know your dad was such a stinker, right?” He looked at me with a totally serious face and said, “Well, yeah mom-that’s were Jaxson gets it from!” I laughed and laughed. He gave me a big grin. Poor Jaxson wasn’t even there to defind himself.

On a not so fun note, Brenden has walking pneumonia. He’s been coughing and running a low-grade fever. I took him to the doctor after his cough started getting worse and that’s his diagnois.

Have a great weekend!



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5 responses to “Stinker

  1. Dan

    Thanks for sharing! Laughing is good.

  2. The Berg's

    Have you ever read the book, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? Brenden’s comment made me laugh! Wishing Brenden a speedy recovery!


    Oh, poor lil guy. I hope he gets better soon. But it’s great to find the humor in life.

  4. Chandra Joki

    Karen….We are thinking about you. You have a special way of writing and it’s always nice to read and see how you and the boys are doing. Humor does help get through some of the tough times. Hope Brendan feels better soon. Take care!

  5. Beth Gould

    I continue to think and pray for you and your family. I hope things get easier each day for you and the boys. All my love…..

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