In Search of “normal”

Good day to you all! I hope eveyone had a wonderful Easter! My kids had fun with their Easter Egg hunt. It was fun to see Adrianna’s(my neice) first Easter. She looked so cute in her Easter dress! We stopped at my grandma’s for a bit on Easter to see the Stratton extended family. It’s always entertaining when a group of Strattons are together!

Although it was our first holiday without Chris, we did ok. Jaxson did say to me the other night that he just “felt off.” I asked him what he meant and he said, “with dad gone, I just don’t feel right.” I told him that I feel the same, and so do other people that knew his father. I said that it will take some time for us to feel normal again. He agreed and wanted to know what our new “normal” was going to be like, and how long it would take. I gave it to him straight-“I don’t know. It may take a while, and it may be different for all of us.” So, we continue on to the next day, searching for our new “normal”, whatever that may be.

Right now it’s definitely not normal, as I came down with a sinus infection and have been feeling miserable. This too has affected Brenden. He asked me on Monday if I was going to work. I told him, “No, I have to go see the doctor.” He was very concerned with this. After some questioning, I figured out that he was connecting Chris being too sick to go to work with me not going to work. He was concerned that I was coming down with a disease and getting sicker since I wasn’t going to work. I assured him that I just had a bad cold, and would return to work quickly. I think part of the problem is in the past I haven’t always told them I was staying home when I was sick so I didn’t hear “I’m sick too! I want to stay home from school.” So we had a conversation about common colds and diseases and that sometimes people need to go see the doctor because of something simple. Missing work does not mean I have cancer. Very interesting conversations at our house this week. Brenden’s also been questioning me alot about his great-grandfathers. He knows they both had colon cancer. He also knows that they were much older than Chris when they died. He’s wondering why dad died so much younger and I think he’s a little worried about himself. He asked me the other day if kids get diseases. I told him yes, but not the one that his dad had. We had a long conversation about that, too.

Well, enough writing for now. My bed is calling for me. Have a good week!




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5 responses to “In Search of “normal”

  1. Dan

    Thanks again for sharing. I hope you feel better. Your boys have the best mom in the world!

  2. Suzy Welch

    Hope you’re all feeling better. I like all the updates and the stories, thx for sharing.

  3. Denim Peterson

    Hey Karen, I just wanted to say hello, and to let you know that barely a day goes by that I don’t think about you, your boys, and Chris. Thank you for giving us these glimpses into your life. I hope that you are finding the sharing helpful to your healing, and I also hope that you feel the love of all those that care about you and your family.
    Much love-

  4. Loren Schomaker

    Hi Karen
    Just a quick note of thanks for keeping these posts going.
    Tomorrow is the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride and I will have my Baty Sisu shirt over by Jersey. I told Chris I would ware it and he said he would help me over any tough spots.
    Thinking of You and the Boys.

  5. Cheryl Stainer

    Obviously it’s been awhile since I’ve read the blog. Had to laugh at the Stratton comment and wished I was a fly on the wall. You’re so right about how entertaining those gatherings can be. Grandma told me you had made it there. :0)

    Couple of things: When I went in for my colon screening, one of the nurses told me that with colon screening people should be doing it way earlier than what they recommended. Just this week I heard on the radio about some woman who was quite a bit younger than I would have guessed dying of colon cancer.

    Secondly, I myself have been dealing with sinus infections along with a couple other things that made me decided to see the ear, nose & throat doc and ask a couple more questions. My sinus infections are being brought on by acid reflux. It is highly hereditary and can be a silent killer in it’s own right. Just this week I saw a GI doctor. He informed me that in the last 5 years the doctors are finding that acid reflux has been misdiagnosed. That some asethma, allergies, sinus problems, viruses, and infections are actually due to acid reflux. Anyway, thought you may want to check this out.

    I know, I’m extra chatty today! Hoping you are able to smile today,


    Secondly, I myself have been dealing with sinus infections of late.

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